PRP for Hair Loss vs. Minoxidil Treatment: Which Options Should You opt For?

Are you considering getting a hair loss treatment? It’s undeniable that hair loss, also known as alopecia, is a widespread condition. Statistics show that 50% of men above 50 years will experience some kind of hair loss and that 30% of women suffer from hair loss and hair thinning. PRP and Minoxidil have been used to treat alopecia and both methods reveal varying results. Which treatment is the best for you? Well, before helping you figure out the best option, let’s see how each treatment works.

PRP for Hair Loss

Besides portraying appreciable effectiveness in treating facial skin conditions, great results have been derived from using the procedure to treat hair loss. During the procedure, your doctor draws blood, typically 30 ml, from your arm and puts in a centrifuge (a machine that rotates rapidly to set apart liquids of varying densities). It normally takes about 10 minutes for platelet-rich-plasma, platelets-poor-plasma, and red blood cells to be separated.

Once the process is complete, a derma roller or an insulin syringe is used to make several micro punctures on the targeted area of your scalp and creates channels for the platelet-rich-plasma to flow into your skin. The micro injuries revive the skin to produce collagen and hence create a good environment for hair re-growth. In addition, the numerous injuries allow for easy absorption of platelet-rich plasma into your scalp. The high concentration of platelets stimulates the production of growth factors to revive dormant hair follicles.

Minoxidil Treatment

Minoxidil has been used for several years to treat hair loss and comes in the form of a solution or foam. Minoxidil treatment is home-based whereby a doctor prescribes for you the correct dosage for the product. When applying the solution, you squeeze the nozzle to put the solution on your finger and massage the affected area of your scalp. Minoxidil promotes hair growth by enhancing blood flow into the follicles and reviving the follicles from the resting stage to growth stage.

Which Is The Best For You?

PRP treatment has gained massive popularity among dermatologists, cosmetologists, and other health specialists due to its capability to rejuvenate the skin and enhance skin hair growth. Though it’s a relatively new treatment procedure for correcting hair loss and yet to be approved by the FDA, statistics and testimonials from patients show that the effectiveness of PRP can no longer be underestimated. In addition, it has been proven that PRP for hair loss has no adverse effects on the patients, unlike Minoxidil which expose the patients to a number of side effects.

Although Minoxidil remains the only FDA-approved product for androgenic hair loss, patients have reported hair itching and dryness on the scalp after using the product. In addition, your own blood is used in PRP treatment, which saves you from the risk of allergic reactions. On the other hand, Minoxidil products have been shown to cause skin rashes and irritation. There are high chances of the product being absorbed into your skin, consequently causing dizziness, headache, irregular heartbeat, and chest pain.


Both PRP and Minoxidil are used to treat hair loss. However, PRP edges over Minoxidil treatment due to the fact it has little or no side effects. Minoxidil may cause dryness and allergic reactions such as irritation and skin rashes on the area of application. In addition, it can be absorbed into your bloodstream and cause adverse health conditions.


Quit Smoking

“Smoking kills people” is a worldwide slogan but although it is becoming difficult and very hard for people to quit smoking. The chemical found in tobacco products called nicotine is most responsible for addiction. It has a direct impact into the brain which may feel like relaxing and happy for a certain time. At first, people adopt smoking for some while and then they get addicted to smoking. They cannot stop thinking about smoking. They raise their smoking level and finally gets sick. When a person gets addicted they cannot leave that addiction easily. It is very hard for them to minimize smoking. The sad part is, smokers become addicted soon and finally suffered from lungs diseases and illness. It also affects complexion after quitting smoking. Smoking is a very serious habit which people finds difficult to quit. Many people make efforts for months and years to quit smoking.

Smoking and excuses

Individual starts to smoke as to get rid of tensions, depression, and stress. When they are really stressed they seek relief from smoking. Even knowing the fact that it is dangerous to their health and there are many ways for relaxing. Many people involved in smoking are teenagers who probably wanted to enjoy it or for showing off. Smoke not only harms the smokers but also harms the people around. It pollutes the environment causes environmental pollution.

Toxic substances

There are many toxic substances in a cigarette such as Arsenic, Acetic acid, Ammonia, Benzene, Butane, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrazine and Methanol, Tar. Although tobacco companies are doing very well on selling tobacco all over the world. In order to bring control over smoking, the Government raises the price of tobacco every year. This is a government policy to reduce smoking people around. Smoking is a very strong habit, and to quit smoking a very strong will power is required to give it up.

Give it up

There are a lot more ways to get recovery from smoking. There are some methods or ways you can prefer to get rid of smoking eventually. Some of them are;

  • Going under medication and different physical exercises. On doing medication you can give your brain a little time to rest and get relief the addiction. Medication helps to increase concentration and help you think peacefully. It can minimize the feeling of need for any addiction.
  • Smoking is a very hard habit to let go of. You cannot directly leave the habit of smoking. It needs some time to go off the feel of smoking. For that, you better need to adopt other substitute habits such as chewing gums, nasal spray, inhalers etc.
  • If you are truly so addicted to nicotine then you can substitute nicotine with non-nicotine liquids and smoke the same way through e-cigarettes in order to keep the addiction alive.
  • You can develop a healthy and peaceful environment and behavior within the family and surroundings. You need to be busy with social activities and at your work so that you can be able to forget the need of smoking.
  • You must have to make a strong will power to leave smoking and better to indulge in some other activities instead.
  • Do not involve in such activities which pressurize you and make you stress. Always try to stay warm and happy.

Quitting smoking is not a one day action but its a journey for slowly removing it. By quitting smoking you can make a lot of improvement in your health and quality of life as well as in the lives which surrounds you. You need to develop a strong control power over your decision. To live a happy, healthy and peaceful life, Quit smoking for today and forever.


Testicle Enlargement Surgery – What, Who and How Much

Women undergo various surgeries for the enhancement of their physical body. Men can also do the same. The common concerns among men is the size and performance of their penis, yet some men also give attention to the size and function of their testicles.

All About Testicle Enlargement Surgery

A testicular enlargement surgery is similar to breast or buttocks implants that women get. It is a process where artificial saline-filled or silicone materials will be implanted or inserted in the scrotum area to address the absence or disproportion of testicles. The procedure usually takes 45 to an hour and is an outpatient one. The patient are allowed to home in few hours of rest. Pain and discomfort are present which range from mild to moderate for two weeks.

Testicular enlargement surgery through implants are not necessarily required but they may improve a man’s confidence and even pleasure by having testicles with better appearance. For the process, there are options of implants like saline-filled or silicone. They also come in different sizes depending on the need of patient.

Conditions that Need Testicle Enlargement Surgery
Usually, male with a small scrotal area and with tight or loose scrotal skin need to undergo the said procedure. Some men have shrunken testicles which do not match the size of their penis. Having disproportionate testicles makes some men feel uneven mass and discomfort in that sensitive location. On the other hand, having a very tight scrotal skin may put uneven pressure on the testicles and will look tiny and shrunken. The same goes with testicles with loose skin. Aside from looking tiny, it looks saggy and hanging.

Specifically, men who are born without a testicle or they lost a testicle because of an undesirable and unexpected occurrence can be catered by the said surgery. Even patients who lost their testicles due to previous illness like testicular or prostate cancer.

Cost of the Testicle Enlargement Surgery

The usual price range of the enlargement surgery ranges from $2500-$3500 per implant making it double if there are patients who need two. But this price varies on the hospital or clinic, and the choice of anesthesia to be used in the course of the surgery. Another factor to consider when it comes to cost is the surgeon’s fee. But most commercial insurance providers cover the cost of the said surgery for men who lost a testicle. Some hospitals or clinics also offer discounts and packages like including other surgery in the male reproductive part. More details in this link

All in all, this enlargement surgery helps give men a better and natural looking scrotum giving them the pleasure and confidence of having larger ones. This makes them look more attractive and seductive and feel sexier and better.


The Perfect Penis Enlargement Treatment to Solve Sexual Issues

It is the desire of every man to have a long penis. Every man wants to fully satisfy his partner during a sexual intercourse. The sex is considered as an important part of a healthy relationship. If the partners are not satisfied with each other, then it will result in the breaking up of the relationships. Every man craves for a long penis in order to fulfill the demands of his partner. If the size is less than a normal then it will result in the dissatisfaction. The thicker penis helps in improving your sexual performance. The reason behind this is that when it gets inserted into the vaginal cavity, then the touch, feel & wet friction will help a lot in boosting pleasure between the partners. That’s why every man wants to improve size to give ultimate pleasure to the partner during the intercourse.

The penis enlargement medicines & pills help a lot in providing the nourishment of the body tissues of the reproductive part. These medicines help a lot in improving the blood circulation through veins which helps in providing nourishment & strength to the muscles. This eventually results in the providing thickness as well as improving the length of the penis. For those men who are suffering from small penis size, various medicines are available in the market. These medicines are popularly known as penis enlargement medicines. The Ayurveda herbs treatments are effective in improving the size of the penis.

There are several advantages of using Ayurveda herbal penis enlargement treatment. The first & foremost is that it really works. Being developed from naturally occurring substances, these medicines can easily improve the size of the penis. So, men don’t have to shy away from their partner as regular use of these medicines will definitely enhance the size of your penis.

Another very important attribute associated with these medicines is that these don’t contain any harmful chemicals. Some chemical compounds, as well as steroids, have the capability to boost the sexual performance. But these have side effects & may sometimes lead to wild & aggressive behavior.

This is not in the case with the herbal penis enlargement medicines. Being developed from naturally occurring substances, these don’t show any aggressive behavior. Thus, their intake is safe. Rasyog Ayurveda penis enlargement specialist doctor are offering great treatment for this disorder; they are offering herbal medicines, pills, creams & oral drugs in order to offer a healthy sex life to the couples.

There are several products available in the market that claim to improve the size of the penis. The men are trying these so that they get a large size that can perfectly satisfy their women. The penis enlargement treatments & pills are available in various forms. Some are based on the English medicines while some are manufactured using herbal ingredients. These manufacturers of these medicines claim that these can perfectly increase the size of your manhood. The English drugs are basically developed using some of the chemicals as well as steroids. Though these are capable of boosting the sexual performance, yet disadvantages are associated with these. These medicines instantly boost the sexual performance, but their regular usage over a prolonged period may sometimes result in the aggressive sexual behavior. That’s why it is always recommended to use herbal penis enlargement drugs.

Ayurveda Herbal treatments for this disorder are widely demanded these days. The main reason behind this is that these are developed from naturally occurring ingredients. The mother-nature harbors cure for various ailments. In order to prepare the medicines for this disease, the Ayurveda manufacturers use roots, stems & leaves of the plant. Along with this, they also use various ingredients like mineral extracts, fruit supplement & vitamins.

The Rasyog Ayurveda is offering penis enlargement treatment. They are offering medicines and drugs based on Ayurveda in order to provide an improved size. Their healing methodology is based on the ancient preaching of Ayurveda. They develop their medicines using precious species of herbs. In order to make these medicines more effective, they use mineral oils, vitamins, and various other things. One such thing is “Ashwagandha”. It improves the strength of the nerves of the penis, thus offering improved size to the penis.

Premature ejaculation is a problem with a large segment of sexually active males. Many men want cures for PE and once you know the main cause of this disorder you can take steps to cure it. Rasyog specialist doctors can help you find the cause of your problem and solution to it. gives good medicine to their patient to stop early ejaculation. Many studies have proven that the Ayurveda medicine natural premature ejaculation treatment work really well and more and more doctors recommend them to men with sexual disorders due to its safety and the lack of side effects.

22) Premature ejaculation is defined as a sexual dysfunction that affects men. In most cases when it happens, both partners do not receive sexual satisfaction, but rather, embarrassment. This dysfunction is not a disease; there is great natural medicine to cure this issue. offer best medicine to can help you stop PE disorder. Ayurveda medicine has become a very popular treatment for PE in recent years. It is also a guaranteed treatment of stopping early ejaculation. They consist of 100% natural solutions and it has no side effects, they are much cheaper, safer.

Another advantage associated with treating the penis enlargement is that these don’t have any side effects. These are developed from the naturally occurring substances & don’t result in wild behavior. Their zero side effects make them safe for regular use. Herbal remedies for penis enlargement are indeed very effective as sex treatments. They deliver positive results in the most case, making the man and his partner fully satisfied during sexual intercourse. If you have any sexual problems, it’s best to seek treatment as soon as possible as such conditions could get worst.