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“Smoking kills people” is a worldwide slogan but although it is becoming difficult and very hard for people to quit smoking. The chemical found in tobacco products called nicotine is most responsible for addiction. It has a direct impact into the brain which may feel like relaxing and happy for a certain time. At first, people adopt smoking for some while and then they get addicted to smoking. They cannot stop thinking about smoking. They raise their smoking level and finally gets sick. When a person gets addicted they cannot leave that addiction easily. It is very hard for them to minimize smoking. The sad part is, smokers become addicted soon and finally suffered from lungs diseases and illness. It also affects complexion after quitting smoking. Smoking is a very serious habit which people finds difficult to quit. Many people make efforts for months and years to quit smoking.

Smoking and excuses

Individual starts to smoke as to get rid of tensions, depression, and stress. When they are really stressed they seek relief from smoking. Even knowing the fact that it is dangerous to their health and there are many ways for relaxing. Many people involved in smoking are teenagers who probably wanted to enjoy it or for showing off. Smoke not only harms the smokers but also harms the people around. It pollutes the environment causes environmental pollution.

Toxic substances

There are many toxic substances in a cigarette such as Arsenic, Acetic acid, Ammonia, Benzene, Butane, Carbon Monoxide, Hydrazine and Methanol, Tar. Although tobacco companies are doing very well on selling tobacco all over the world. In order to bring control over smoking, the Government raises the price of tobacco every year. This is a government policy to reduce smoking people around. Smoking is a very strong habit, and to quit smoking a very strong will power is required to give it up.

Give it up

There are a lot more ways to get recovery from smoking. There are some methods or ways you can prefer to get rid of smoking eventually. Some of them are;

  • Going under medication and different physical exercises. On doing medication you can give your brain a little time to rest and get relief the addiction. Medication helps to increase concentration and help you think peacefully. It can minimize the feeling of need for any addiction.
  • Smoking is a very hard habit to let go of. You cannot directly leave the habit of smoking. It needs some time to go off the feel of smoking. For that, you better need to adopt other substitute habits such as chewing gums, nasal spray, inhalers etc.
  • If you are truly so addicted to nicotine then you can substitute nicotine with non-nicotine liquids and smoke the same way through e-cigarettes in order to keep the addiction alive.
  • You can develop a healthy and peaceful environment and behavior within the family and surroundings. You need to be busy with social activities and at your work so that you can be able to forget the need of smoking.
  • You must have to make a strong will power to leave smoking and better to indulge in some other activities instead.
  • Do not involve in such activities which pressurize you and make you stress. Always try to stay warm and happy.

Quitting smoking is not a one day action but its a journey for slowly removing it. By quitting smoking you can make a lot of improvement in your health and quality of life as well as in the lives which surrounds you. You need to develop a strong control power over your decision. To live a happy, healthy and peaceful life, Quit smoking for today and forever.