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Testicle Enlargement Surgery – What, Who and How Much


Women undergo various surgeries for the enhancement of their physical body. Men can also do the same. The common concerns among men is the size and performance of their penis, yet some men also give attention to the size and function of their testicles.

All About Testicle Enlargement Surgery

A testicular enlargement surgery is similar to breast or buttocks implants that women get. It is a process where artificial saline-filled or silicone materials will be implanted or inserted in the scrotum area to address the absence or disproportion of testicles. The procedure usually takes 45 to an hour and is an outpatient one. The patient are allowed to home in few hours of rest. Pain and discomfort are present which range from mild to moderate for two weeks.

Testicular enlargement surgery through implants are not necessarily required but they may improve a man’s confidence and even pleasure by having testicles with better appearance. For the process, there are options of implants like saline-filled or silicone. They also come in different sizes depending on the need of patient.

Conditions that Need Testicle Enlargement Surgery
Usually, male with a small scrotal area and with tight or loose scrotal skin need to undergo the said procedure. Some men have shrunken testicles which do not match the size of their penis. Having disproportionate testicles makes some men feel uneven mass and discomfort in that sensitive location. On the other hand, having a very tight scrotal skin may put uneven pressure on the testicles and will look tiny and shrunken. The same goes with testicles with loose skin. Aside from looking tiny, it looks saggy and hanging.

Specifically, men who are born without a testicle or they lost a testicle because of an undesirable and unexpected occurrence can be catered by the said surgery. Even patients who lost their testicles due to previous illness like testicular or prostate cancer.

Cost of the Testicle Enlargement Surgery

The usual price range of the enlargement surgery ranges from $2500-$3500 per implant making it double if there are patients who need two. But this price varies on the hospital or clinic, and the choice of anesthesia to be used in the course of the surgery. Another factor to consider when it comes to cost is the surgeon’s fee. But most commercial insurance providers cover the cost of the said surgery for men who lost a testicle. Some hospitals or clinics also offer discounts and packages like including other surgery in the male reproductive part. More details in this link https://www.surgeonformen.com/testicular-enlargement-surgery/.

All in all, this enlargement surgery helps give men a better and natural looking scrotum giving them the pleasure and confidence of having larger ones. This makes them look more attractive and seductive and feel sexier and better.