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Here’s Why You Must Use Vitamin C Serum For Glowing Skin

Vitamin C Serum

Are you finding ways to transform your dull, tired skin? Switch up your routine with vitamin C-infused serum. Many skincare enthusiasts swear by this holy grail product. All for valid reasons like maintaining smooth texture and minimising signs of ageing. But most importantly for delivering targeted results by adding a radiant glow to the skin.

If you are on the fence about trying vitamin C serums, the following benefits will help you make an affirmative decision and bless you with radiant skin!

1. Brightens your skin

Serums infused with Vitamin C are known for their skin-brightening properties. This potent ingredient inhibits melanin production (the pigment causing skin discolouration). In turn, it helps fade sun spots, dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

For this purpose, we love Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum as it has vitamin C as its core ingredient. It even outs the skin tone and works as the best face serum for glowing skin.

2. Promotes younger-looking skin

With time, the production of collagen in the body slows down. Your skin starts losing its firmness and elasticity. You begin to spot early skin ageing skins like fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C, being a natural collagen builder, stimulates collagen production. It diminishes your ageing skin concerns to reveal youthful, bouncier skin.

If ageing skin is your biggest concern, try Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum. It is a potent anti-ageing serum with Vitamin C. It revives the compromised skin barrier and preserves your younger-looking skin.

3. Protects against external stressors

Environmental stressors like UV rays and pollution can damage your skin. It can alter the skin’s texture and cause lustre-less, dull skin. Here’s where Vitamin C serums benefit your skin. Being an antioxidant, it fights these free radicals and safeguards your skin from further damage. At the same time, your beautiful, healthy skin glow is also taken care of.

4. Quenches dehydrated skin

Vitamin C serums contain hydrated properties. To be precise, it decreases transepidermal water loss (TEWL) enabling your skin to retain moisture better. And as we all know, hydrated skin always appears healthy and glowy.

So, if you are prone to dry, dehydrated skin – using a vitamin-rich serum like the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Serum is the best choice. Including such serums in your natural skincare regime can prevent moisture loss and bless you with radiant skin.

Vitamin C serums can transform your lustre-lacking skin into a radiant one. Shop for the best face serum for glowing skin only on Lancôme India’s official website and enjoy glowing skin that looks visibly smooth and bouncy.