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3 Top Reasons Your Child Might Need Paediatric Surgery

Paediatric surgery is for infants, children and young adults. The very thought of an invasive procedure is overwhelming for parents. But India’s leading child healthcare hospital works with qualified and experienced paediatricians. Signature state-of-the-art facilities along with the highest levels of care can cater to the growing needs of children. All the services are performed with a ‘special human touch’ to make them child friendly.

Surgical issues in children are quite different from those in adults. Most of them are performed under general anaesthesia. You must help the child be comfortable and also inform them about the process in detail. But before that, have a look at the most common conditions that require pediatric surgery for complete recovery.

1. Cleft Lip Palate

This is a congenital condition in babies. It occurs when the facial structures are not fully developed.  You can notice splits on the upper lip or the roof of the mouth. This can affect both or one side of the face. The condition is noticeable right at birth. But it is difficult to spot in case the defect is in the back of the mouth and hidden by the lining. The common symptoms are nasal tone and swallowing problems.

A team of doctors like oral surgeons, ear and throat doctors and nurses come together to find a solution. The first line of treatment is surgery to repair the defect. Therapies are further suggested for speech problems, if any.

2. Congenital Hernia

This is usually done after the baby has stabilized for a few weeks after birth. There are two main types: inguinal hernia and diaphragmatic hernia. Inguinal is the hernia in the groin area while the diaphragmatic one occurs in the flat muscle that separates the chest and abdominal cavity. The major symptoms of a hernia are a full round belly, vomiting, fussiness, fever and redness or discolouration of the skin.

The condition usually does not go away without surgery. Look for the best “pediatrician near me” to treat the condition effectively. The surgical repair will depend on the size and severity of the hernia. The incision leaves a small scar that fades with time. The child can resume normal activities within 1-2 days after surgery.

3. Concussion

This is a sport-related head or whiplash kind of injury. It can interfere with the brain’s ability to function. The symptoms include dizziness, fatigue, irritability, difficulties with thinking skills and strong headaches. Mild concussions are usually treated with rest and medicines. But the severe ones with bleeding and brain swelling need surgery. Otherwise, it can lead to the post-concussion syndrome in children.

Immediate treatment can protect the child from another attack or long-lasting symptoms. The effects continue to multiply over time. There could be frequent incidences of slurred speech, loss of consciousness and convulsions. Further, make sure the child does not participate in intensive sports for the next couple of months post-surgery. It could jar the body and cause discomforts thus impairing the healing process.

Other conditions that need surgery are intestinal obstruction, abscesses and appendicitis. Do search online for the best “pediatrician near me” for a convenient experience.

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Things Parents Should Do To Encourage Mental Wellness To Teens

Being a teenager, it’s not easy growing up, and managing daily activities from homework to extracurricular activities to maintaining friendship and dating. It can be overwhelming. An increasing number of teens are falling into depression and other mental health issues; therefore, it is important to make them aware of mental wellness. And to do this, parents can play a big role by providing the teens with guidance and support. The parents can introduce the importance of mental wellness and help the teens make mental health a priority. Let’s look at some of the tips parents can follow to help teens make mental health a priority:

Educate Them On Mental Wellness:  Educating the teen about mental wellness and the importance of taking care of mental health can go a long way. Helping the teen understand that mental health challenges are a normal part of life can help them open up to you and seek help when needed. The goal here is to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness by making it a safe topic for them to talk about. The parents can also share their mental health struggles, and focusing on creating a safe space for the teens will prove beneficial.

Help Them Learn Coping Skills:  Whether you teach the teens the coping skills or have an expert help them out, learning these skills will help them manage negative emotions. And these skills will not only be useful during their teen years, but they can benefit from them throughout their life. Teens tend to get overwhelmed with all the negative emotions that they feel, and teaching them coping skills can help them reevaluate the negative situations and seek constructive solutions. The coping strategies will vary depending on the personality and their needs. But generally, coping skills will help them navigate stress, anxiety, and depression through physical activity, meditation or breathing exercise, creative outlet, and more.

Encourage Mental And Physical Wellness:  Having a healthy lifestyle will not necessarily prevent mental health illness, but it can go a long way in helping maintain a healthy mental state. Our physical health can have a big impact on our emotional and mental health, so encourage having a healthy lifestyle. Yes, it can be difficult to get teens to do something that is good for them. But you can encourage body and mental wellness by modeling the behavior that you want to see in your teen. It should include eating a well-balanced healthy diet, exercising, and engaging in different activities.

Create A Safe Space For The Teen To Talk:  Most teens are reluctant to talk with elders and parents about what they are going through because of fear of being judged and misunderstood. Even if the parents force their teens to talk, they may still be reluctant. The best thing that a parent can do here is to create a safe space for the teen to talk about what they are going through and express their feelings. Make an effort to check into how they are doing and let them know that you will be there for them regularly. And when they come to you with problems, avoid judging them, arguing over their decision, or giving advice. It is best to try and understand what they are going through.

The teens may need love and support more often than learning coping skills, having a well-balanced life, a healthy diet, or exercise. So, make sure that you are there for your teen to provide them with the love and support they need. Helping your teen understand that mental health is something that they should not be ashamed of will go a long way. There are many Teen Mental Health Resources out there, so seeking help will also be beneficial while you put in your effort.


Must Do Remedies for Back Pain During Pregnancy

Every woman would have come across back pain during the pregnancy. Back pain could be caused due to the gaining of weight, hormones relax the ligaments in joints, changes in the center of gravity. Even though it is a common complaint, there are many ways you can easily prevent or ease the pain. Excitement and joy of baby growing inside of you would be quite a spectacular moment. When your baby grows, there would be more hormonal changes that include pregnancy pains. Back pain could cause more discomfort in your daily activities. Upon knowing the cause for the back pain during pregnancy, it is quite easier to resolve the problem.


  • Hormone Changes:

During the pregnancy, your body may undergo several hormonal changes for ensuring that the uterus is strong and compatible for the baby to grow healthy. These hormones would loosen ligaments and joints in the pelvic regions. Since the pelvic bone is attached to your spinal cord, it would automatically induce back pain.

  • Gaining Weight:

Gaining weight is one of the most important causes of back pain in pregnancy. When you are carrying the additional weight of your baby, then it leads to strain on the back with causing lower back pain.

  • Centre Of Gravity:

During the pregnancy, your baby grows at every stage, which leads to increased weight in the body. This would automatically pull your body forward so that your center of gravity moves towards. Since the center of gravity changes, while you walk or sit, it could increase lower back pain.

Treatment for Back Pain In Pregnancy:

  • Practice Good Posture:

With the increase in weight and shift in the center of gravity, it would be affecting your body posture. It is necessary to compensate by leaning backward, and this could lead to pain in the lower back. Maintaining a good posture is always the best option for avoiding back pain.

  • Stand up straight
  • Keep shoulders back
  • Relax your body
  • Hold chest high
  • Do not lock your knees while sitting
  • Lifestyle:

When you are pregnant, your lifestyle changes so you need to avoid certain things that include lower back pain. Wearing low-heeled shoes are perfect for providing better arch support. You need to avoid the high heels to ensure a further shift and balance forward. A maternity support belt is one of the best ways to support your body when you walk.

  • No Heavy Lifting:

Avoiding heavy lifting is quite important during pregnancy. When you are lifting objects, it is important to squat down, then you can lift with legs. Bending with your waist and lifting the objects with your back is not advisable.

  • Sleep On One Side:

Sleeping on the side is quite important during pregnancy. It is important to keep both your knees bent to ensure that your baby has enough space. Having a support pillow at your bent knees, behind your back, and under the abdomen is quite an efficient option.

Instant Pain Medication:

When you could not bear the lower back pain during pregnancy, then applying the Moov is one of the natural ways to reduce the pain. It has natural ingredients and 100% safe for pregnancy.

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Why and How to Use an Essential Oils Car Diffuser?

If you need to charge your energy during a long ride or want to relieve yourself from negativity, diffusing essential oils in your vehicle can help you a ton. Essential oil diffusers for cars are not simply intended to make your vehicle smell wonderful; they likewise assist you with getting into the right attitude and advance alertness and mental clearness while driving. An in-vehicle essential oil diffuser is a small gadget that you can append to your vehicle’s vent and partake in a fragrant vehicle ride. It assists with keeping a new, damp, and scent-free climate in your vehicle.

Reason You Require an Essential Oil Car Diffuser

Utilizing these fragrant car diffusers in your vehicle can help you in various ways. These ways incorporate –

1. Staying Alert 

If you feel tired during work and feel like your energy levels are not precisely where you need them to be, a vehicle diffuser can give you a jolt of energy and help you remain alert. It can likewise help you stay stimulated during long travels. Peppermint is one such oil that you can add to your diffuser to help you stay alert while driving your vehicle.

2. Calming Your Mood 

Long drives and traffic can regularly prompt annoyance and dissatisfaction. Diffusing lemon or sweet orange oil in your car can diminish disappointment, forestall irrational anger, and help you feel good.

3. Accentuating the Air Quality 

Diffusing essential oil also assists in cleaning and refining the air inside your car. It can help you battle unhealthy particles noticeable all around. They, similarly, bend over as humidifiers and can further develop the air quality of your vehicle’s lodge and save you from a dry climate.

4. Disposing of Awful Smells

Regardless of whether it is filthy workout clothes or uneaten snacks in the secondary cabin, they would all be able to make your vehicle smell bad. Diffusing essential oils in your car can spruce up the air in the car. You need not stress over any humiliating scents if you have travelers. With a vehicle diffuser, your car will feel new every time you get in. You can likewise unplug it whenever you think the fragrance is getting excessive.

How to Utilize an Essential Oil Diffuser in a Car?

The most effective method to utilize an essential oil diffuser in a car relies upon which sort of diffuser you decide to use. Here is a portion of the kinds of vehicle diffusers for essential oils and the ideal approach to utilize them.

1. Vent Clip  

Vent Clip diffusers are a sort of aloof diffuser. It allows you to partake in the aroma of your #1 oils without the concern of a force source or water level. They are a cheap and straightforward approach to diffuse in your vehicle. You can clip them onto the vehicle air vents in your car. As you warm or cool your vehicle, the essential oils disseminate into the vehicle gradually. A couple of vent clip diffusers utilize felt cushions that absorb the oil; you can supplant the aroma cushion occasionally. Other vent cut diffusers have a refillable repository.

2. Plug-In  

You can plug these diffusers into either the power point or the USB port in your vehicle. A portion of these diffusers has a small water tank (50 ml) to add essential oils. At the same time, other USB diffusers utilize just essential oils. The two of them send the fog into the air at different rates. Their advantage is that they bend over as little humidifiers utilizing just a modest quantity of water and establish the ideal climate for your vehicle rides.

3. Battery-Powered  

The design and the working of rechargeable diffusers are quite like plug-ins. The lone perceptible contrast is that these don’t need to be connected constantly. Once charged, you can put this compact gadget anywhere in your car. Notwithstanding, you may disapprove of their battery life.

Last Contemplations

There is a wide range of essential oil diffusers that you can buy at Young Living and use in your car. When utilized with suitable fragrances, these can turn out to be an extraordinary method to help you stay ready, focused, and feel great while driving.

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Managing Anxiety Fot Healthcare Workers & Patients

This infographic was created by Specialdocs, a medical practice consulting service

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Stem Cells for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Stem cell research is one of the popular new frontiers in medical science. Scientists have ongoing studies on how these cells may help patients with neurodegenerative conditions and what benefits can be seen. Research has shown that stem cell therapy for TBI has the potential to help improve symptoms and provide patients with an encouraging option to help manage their condition.

Mesenchymal stem cells have the potential to differentiate into many types of cells in our body. Their regenerative and tissue repairing capabilities have captured the attention of many scientists in the field of regenerative medicine. When looking at neurodegenerative conditions, such as traumatic brain injuries, stem cells have shown to help regenerate damaged tissues in the brain which can be difficult to treat with conventional modalities.

Neurodegenerative conditions involve damage or death of certain areas of the brain. When brain cells die due to a TBI, they don’t regenerate, and this affects the part of the body run by the affected section of the brain. These injuries also result in cognitive difficulties. A severe traumatic brain injury can be difficult to treat.

However, there are studies to show the science of how stem cells have the ability to migrate to the damaged tissues of the brain and differentiate to help replace lost cells. Stem cells are not a cure nor something that can be promised for each patient to see improvements, but they have been studied to show they are a safe option with healing potential to help manage symptoms and potentially slow or halt one’s condition.

There is still further research needed but studies thus far have shown that stem cells may be a safe and attractive option for those who have experienced a brain injury. The cells protect the brain from further damage and angiogenesis, the other outcome of the introduction of stem cells, results in the regeneration of neurons.

Stem cell therapy’s positive outcomes may increase when coupled with both physical and occupational therapy. This combination of therapies helps to retrain the affected parts of the brain. Other possible supportive therapies include hyperbaric oxygen, aquatic therapy, well-targeted diet plans, magnetic stimulations, peptide therapy, and so on. Positive outcomes patients have seen are improved motor functions, balance, coordination, muscle strength, swallowing, and speaking.

This post was written by a medical professional at Stemedix Inc. At Stemedix we provide access to Regenerative Medicine for TBI, also known as stem cells for traumatic brain injury. Regenerative medicine has the natural potential to help improve symptoms sometimes lost from the progression of many conditions.

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How the Body Processes CBD

This infographic was created by 420DC

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The Benefits Of Strengthening Your Core

The Benefits Of Strengthening Your Core from JSCULPT
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How to Maintain Heart Health?

In your body, there is an organ that works continuously, without taking a break for even a second, and it is your heart. A muscular organ that pumps blood throughout your body 24/7. It works all day and all night. If your heart stops working even for a second, you may die. Therefore, to keep it healthy, you must practice some tips. If you have any heart disease, you should visit an internal medicine specialist in Lahore. In this article, we will discuss the tips that will help you take care of your heart.

Who is at Risk For Heart Diseases?

Generally, everyone is at risk of heart disease. No one can be fully protected against it. But people who are at more risk of getting heart diseases are;

  • Have high blood cholesterol- hypercholesteremia
  • Have a complaint of long term uncontrolled blood pressure- hypertension
  • Those who smoke cigarettes
  • People who are overweight or obese
  • People who do not do enough physical activity and live a sedentary lifestyle
  • Those who eat a fat-rich diet and do not eat a healthy diet
  • Have a family history of heart diseases
  • Woman over the age of 55 and man over 45
  • Your father or brother have had a heart attack before the age of 55
  • Your mother or sister have had a heart attack before the age of 65

Along with all the risk factors, the good news is that you can prevent heart disease by playing your role. To keep your heart healthy, you must exercise the following tips;

Tips to Keep Your Heart Healthy

No more Smoking

Smoking is injurious for your health. Not only does it harm your lungs but, also it hardens your blood vessels, a part of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, you must stop smoking as soon as possible. If it is hard for you to leave smoking cigarettes, consult with your healthcare provider, they may help with this issue.

Incorporate physical activity

You must incorporate physical activity for at least half an hour daily as it strengths your heart by letting it pumping more blood. If you live a sedentary lifestyle, it can lead to excess blood cholesterol, which may deposit in your blood vessels and cause a blockage. Therefore, to stay fit, you must do some physical activity daily that keeps your arteries unclogged and healthy.

More Pleasure and Less illness

According to some researchers, people who are more active sexually are at low risk of heart diseases as compared to those who do not. Therefore, sex will not only give you pleasure but can also add days to your life.

More and more veggies and fruits

To stay healthy, you need fats in your diet, including saturated, polyunsaturated, and unsaturated fats, but no trans fat- a kind of fat that deposits in your arteries and clogs them, eventually causing a heart attack or stroke. You should incorporate an adequate amount of veggies and fruits in your diet that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants that protect your heart.

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

Seldom do we consider that oral hygiene can affect heart health. But they are interconnected to each other. If you do not keep your oral cavity clean, it can cause tooth and gum infections, which in turn, can increase the risk for heart diseases, especially for those who have any heart valve disorder. According to researchers, bacteria that grows inside your gum enters the bloodstream and increases C-reactive protein – a protein that causes inflammation of blood vessels.


Heart diseases are one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Many factors play a role in causing them. By exercising the right tips, one can help prevent them. Although the risk always remains there, you can subsidize the risk by living healthily. Before you incorporate strenuous physical activity, you must consult with a healthcare provider as excessive exercise can be bad for your health if you are already a heart patient. To consult with an expert, you can consult with an internal medicine specialist in Karachi.

To keep your heart healthy;

  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Eat healthily
  • No more smoking
  • Incorporate physical activity for at least half an hour daily
  • Practice stress-relieving exercises like reading, writing, and solving puzzles
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Career Opportunities after Taking CNA Certification Classes

CNA certification classes are important to those who are interested in undertaking various branches in the nursing career field. Many advantages are resulting from it. You could find growth in the Job, pay rise, an increase in exploration activities in healthcare, and finally, it provides qualifications to pursue higher courses.

Available CNA Career Advancements.

There is a particular process that you require to go through to become a registered nurse. In their nursing practice, CNAs go through practical works, different work experiences, and they also pursue degree programs, enabling them to develop a deeper understanding of the nursing practice.

CNA 1 – Certified nursing assistant classes are important in preparing students to become CNA 1 certified and registered via the state.

Entry-Level Job – apart from the hospital setting, CNA1 assists in several healthcare facilities.

CNA 2 & 3 – further training as CNA 2 in hospitals and as CNA 3 in labs.

Bachelor’s Degree also known as the Associate. You get to undergo higher education programs in nursing.

NCLEX, after taking the exam through the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, one becomes a registered and certified nurse nationally.

Registered nurse. One qualifies to work in many healthcare settings among healthcare teams and professionals.

Meaning of Advancements for CNA Levels.

Each level brings with it more duties, responsibilities, and a new working environment.

CNA 1 Duties and Responsibilities.

The certified nursing aides completing entry-level training courses qualify to help licensed practical or registered nurses in other health facilities except for hospitals. The CNA 1s carry out the following tasks; taking vitals and measurements for patients, daily care and information communication from nurses to patients, and vice-versa.

The CNA 1 working environment.

A skilled nursing facility, a long-term care center, and an assisting living facility.

Becoming a CNA 1.

CNA 1 programs teach health work basics; therefore, students have big workloads with clinical requirements, lab, and classroom work. The students have to pass state-administered exams. Among the exams is a component both in writing and practice.

CNA 2 Duties and Responsibilities.

Once basic training is over, you become a CNA 1, and there are more certified nursing assistant classes that you undertake and get to learn all about working under nurses in medical facilities. The duties they perform are similar to those of CNA 1, and a registered practical nurse directs it all.

The working environment of a CNA 2.

Skilled nursing facilities, long-term care centers, hospitals, assisting living facilities, and acute care facilities.

Becoming a CNA 2.

Before applying for a position to train in CNA 2, CNA certification classes, each student requires a CNA 1 license. Those who complete the CNA 2 proceed to additional tests to upgrade the certified nursing assistant certification in the state registry.

CNA 3 Duties and Responsibilities.

They are also known as patient care technicians. This level is for the preparation of students in the performance of specialized nursing help in several departments.

The working environment of CNA 3s.

Skilled nursing facilities, assisting living facilities, hospitals, blood banks, laboratories, and acute care facilities.

Becoming a CNA 3.

In CNA 3 programs, students learn testing techniques and medical device skills.

Top five most common certified nursing assistant certification career advancements.

  1. Licensed Practical Nurse.
  2. Registered Nurse.
  3. Nursing Home Administrator.
  4. Geriatric Care Manager.
  5. Nurse Educator/Professor.