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9 easy and quick tricks to grow long eyelashes


Having long and beautiful eyelashes is surely every woman’s dream as it gives volume to your eyes, it is an indispensable part of your beauty. Can you imagine giving yourself the best eye makeup without highlighting your eyelashes? Regardless of the shape and color of the eye, lashes are capable of giving a versatile, intense, and dramatic look to your face. Using artificial options such as mascaras and lash extensions to accentuate your eyes could destroy the quality of their lashes. So, why not find ways to grow eyelashes naturally? Read further to learn how you can grow long eyelashes and why you must buy Careprost online.

  1. Green Tea

When you see people sipping on green tea, you need to realize that it is not just for gaining antioxidants but for its healing properties. Why don’t you try it as well? Make some green tea, allow it to cool down, and then swipe it over your lashes with a cotton pad. Green tea contains flavonoids and caffeine that maintain the health of the existing lashes and stimulate the development of the new ones too.

  1. Avoid fake eyelashes

Who doesn’t want to imitate their favorite celebrity or get that red carpet makeup look? False eyelashes and extensions have become a common quick-fix to get thick and long eyelashes instantly. The problem that arises is when you take them off; they end up damaging the real ones. So, it is better to avoid them entirely or use them in unavoidable situations.

  1. Remove makeup

Regardless of whether you return late at night from a party or are in a hurry, make sure your lashes are free from makeup before going to bed. Makeup particles that are present for too long in the eyelashes cause an obstruction in the blood circulation. So, make sure you remove all the makeup from your eyes with natural oils to let your lashes breathe easily.

  1. Mixture of olive and castor oil

Moisturizers act as one of the best home remedies to grow eyelashes. You can purchase pure and organic castor oil and apply it gently to your eyelashes before going to bed. For better results, mix olive and castor oil together. To avoid a thick mess in the eyes, dab the mascara applicator brush into the oil and gently stroke it over the lashes. Leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning. It promotes the development of long eyelashes.

  1. Aloe vera

Most of us have heard that aloe vera is good for the skin. But does anyone know that it is an excellent remedy to grow long, thick and dark eyelashes? Aloe vera gel is packed with powerful nutrients and vitamins that help to strengthen and elongate one’s eyelashes. One can apply the gel by using a mascara applicator on their eyelashes. The gel reaches the eyelash roots and nourishes them.

  1. Massage your eyelids

You may have heard of how a head massage stimulates the circulation of blood to the scalp for the growth of healthy and lustrous hair. The growth of eyelashes depends on eyelid massage. You need to move the tip of your fingers in a circular motion on the eyelids. If you regularly practice this, you can surely see a difference in the lashes.

  1. The use of Careprost

Careprost is an eye care medication that is widely recommended by top doctors around the world. The product has garnered positive reviews on online pharmacy portals as well as websites that review beauty products. You can buy Careprost online as it contains bimatoprost ophthalmic solution that aids in sustaining the growth of eyelashes. Apply it to the upper eyelid margin and remove the excess liquid that goes below the eyelid margin.

  1. Vaseline

Pure petroleum jelly (Vaseline) is a significant source of moisture for your lashes. Apart from using it to treat chapped lips and rough skin, you can apply it to get long eyelashes. Use a cotton stick or a mascara brush and apply a swipe of Vaseline on your eyelids before you go to bed. To get noticeable results, you have to wait for weeks.

  1. Proper care

To grow long eyelashes, you need to take every step possible to make it work. When you return home from work, rinse your eyes with water to remove dirt particles. Make sure you use good quality eyeliner that does not clump your lashes and leave it messy. Do not apply excessive mascara. Make use of water-based makeup rather than oil-based ones that leave the pores clogged.

When you can make an extra effort to care for your skin and hair then why should you ignore your eyelashes? Instead of using artificial ways to get long eyelashes, it is recommended to follow these smart tricks that are mentioned above to bring the charm back on your face.