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All American Healthcare Promotes and Maintain Health of People at Home


Home health care is the general modality of health care provided at home, a generic category that encompasses and represents the care, visit and hospitalization, each with its objectives and characteristics. It is considered to be a component of the health care continuum because health services are offered at All American Healthcare to the individual and his or her family in their homes with the objective of promoting, maintaining or restoring health, maximizing the level of independence, and minimizing the effects of disabilities or diseases, including those with no prospect of cure. Learn more about America Home Health at https://myallamericancare.com/.

The values ​​that govern health care have been modified and the people seek alternatives to increase the quality of this assistance according to the new demands. With a view to the integral health care of the population, the home health care was elaborated, since it has no programmatic character, but strategic characteristics of changing the health care standard of the population. The practices of the All American Healthcare aim to focus on family work, as well as having preventive actions on demand. In this way, it is a less reductionist practice on health, moving beyond the simple medical intervention that seeks integration with the community.

It provides for the use of home health care, especially home visits, as a means of equipping professionals for their insertion and knowledge of the reality of the population’s life, as well as establishing links with it; aiming to attend to the different health needs of the people, being concerned with the existing infrastructure in the communities and the health care of the families.

The professionals working in the plan play a fundamental role in the family health approach, especially in home health care, which involves the professionals and the people / families served. Therefore, the practices of home care by professionals should be considered in order to reveal their perspectives, allowing a reflection on their professional practice. Thus, we have the guiding plan of the work for home health care carried out by health professionals.

Based on this plan the objectives to be reached are: to perform home health care in most areas of America; to provide home health care to most categories of health; to make health professionals understand home care and to identify the different domiciliary contexts.

To conclude, home health care has been integrated into the exercise of the Family Health Care as a form of access to professional performance in community health.