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An Audiology Appointment Along The Way Will Keep The Hearing Aids Away


Why is that we pay more attention to our eyes than ears? A slightly heavy eye and we rush to the nearest ophthalmologist. But do we rush to an audiologist when we find ourselves straining to hear someone during a conversation? While their impairment affects us differently, we don’t pay heed to an underlying ear problem until it grows on slowly but severely. Excessive wax, hearing issues, pus and ear infections are pesky, but universal problems. Don’t we all agree that at some point each of us has fallen prey to an ear problem, irrespective of the age or gender?

Has hearing become a recent problem for you? Ringing in ears, abnormal coloured pus or discharge getting your worried? If you are ready to do something about maintaining one of the most important senses of your body, then find yourself at the nearest audiology centre right away! 

Why should you visit the audiology centre?

– To prevent a buildup of excessive wax

– To resolve hearing issues which stem from chronic diseases such as diabetes

– To discover the magnitude and nature of hearing loss

– Diagnose and avoid underlying issues to exacerbate 

Which services does an audiology centre offer?

In general, most audiology clinics offer the following range of audiometric tests and services: 

– Routine Assessments such as Audiometric Hearing Test, Otomicroscopy, Video-otoscopy

– Ear wax Micro-suction 

– Hearing Aid Provisions 

– Protection Gear for recreational or professional activities

In addition, an audiologist can offer advice on which hearing aids to choose and how to avoid or prolong any hearing problems. 

Some of us wonder if visiting an audiologist for ear wax is necessary. The general attitude is to simply squeeze in a few ear drops at night and wait for the morning after to stick in a Q-tip and assume you are left with a rather clean ear, right? Ear wax doesn’t directly affect general health. Ear wax is good; the natural way to keep ears clean. But excessive wax sometimes becomes a problem. It can perforate the eardrum and damage the canal. The results of ear wax removal from a professional audiologist such as Leeds Audiology Clinic make a huge difference. Besides the satisfaction, it should convince you with improved hearing and enhanced confidence. 

Whether you are experiencing recent or prolonged hearing issues or have an alarming ear issue surfacing, visiting an audiology centre is something you shouldn’t delay for too long. Tinnitus, a condition where you experience a persistent ringing, buzzing, scraping, or whirring sound with no apparent external cause affects a large population. This is associated with age-related hearing loss, ear injury or a circulatory system disorder.  Whether it is tinnitus or vertigo, the first step always rests incorrect diagnosis and perhaps getting a hearing test in place. 

Audiologists help identify if your ear is in the best condition, whether you are suffering from a pre-condition if it is heredity or how you can avoid any problems in the future. Routine hearing tests are also a pre-requisite for newborn babies and children at different ages. They help catch problems early on. 

When should you have your hearing checked? Annual hearing tests are recommended beyond age 60. If you work in an industry where your role depends on your hearing skills, or work in a loud-noise environment, you should consult an audiologist for further guidance. 

We take hearing for granted when there are no issues. But when things start going downhill with age or accident, it directly hits confidence and puts a strain on our relationships. The good news is that there are treatment options available. All you have to do is make an appointment!