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Baby Milestone: Best Natural Teething Remedies For Your Baby

Teething Remedies

In this health-conscious era, many parents are choosing natural teething remedies for their babies. However, natural doesn’t always mean safe and effective. It’s important to do your research and speak with your health care provider when choosing baby teething remedies. That said, there are many tried and true teething relief options available to help babies and parents feel better during this challenging developmental period.

Try Chilling Out

black mother with baby reading pill bottle

Not every remedy works well for every baby. You’ll have to experiment a bit to find the most effective options for your baby. For many babies, something cold can help numb the pain of teething, leaving baby feeling far more comfortable. You can try soaking a corner of a clean washcloth in distilled water, breast milk or chamomile tea and freezing it. The chamomile can also help relax your baby, easing pain and irritability. Once the liquid in the cloth has frozen, offer it to your baby to bite and suck on. Keep a spare in the freezer for when that one warms up.

Other chill out options include putting some frozen fruit in a mesh feeder. A mesh feeder is like a pacifier, but with a mesh compartment or bag, depending on design. As the fruit thaws, your baby will be able to suck the juice and tiny fragments of fruit through the mesh. The mesh prevents the fruit from being a choking hazard, so always make sure it’s in good condition before using. Banana can be a great frozen fruit choice, as it can also help ease the diarrhea that some babies experience with teething.

Press On Through

Some babies don’t like frozen or very cold things. Their teething pain may respond better to counter-pressure. That can be as simple as letting your baby chew on your clean finger, a spoon or a baby toothbrush. You can massage your baby’s gums, gently pressing and rubbing the area around the new tooth. Baby teething remedies such as wooden teething rings or wooden chewing beads are common. Beads can be a choking hazard, so use only under direct supervision and after checking carefully to make sure the beads are secure.

Choose Your Remedies Carefully

Be sure to select age appropriate natural teething remedies. Natural remedies using honey can be dangerous for babies under a year old. Botulism can result, causing a serious health crisis, potentially even death. Using clove oil or fresh ginger may be fine for older toddlers and young children but can irritate tender baby gums and should be avoided. Frozen bagels and other bread products are better for older babies. Babies under a year are in danger of choking if a thawed piece breaks off.

Always talk to your baby’s health care provider about your baby’s specific teething symptoms. Some of these symptoms, including fever, rash and diarrhea, are also common to a variety of illnesses. Also, discuss the baby teething remedies you plan to try with your baby’s doctor.