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Everything You Need To Know About Stress Test Exercise


To have the best medical team is one of the factors that makes the Cranbourne Medical Centre popular when giving services to the people. There is a lot of medical treatment today that may help people to be healthy physically and also mentally. It is important to get a regular check-up, to be healthy inside and out.

Reasons To Have Stress Test Exercise

  • One of the main reason to have this stress test exercise is to know how an individual hearts respond when they are in the middle of working out or in a hard situation. The test will be asked an individual to take a long run on the treadmill while there is an electrocardiogram machine. This device is used to determine and to monitor the beat of the heart. This is the only process to have this stress exercise test. This test if for the Doctor to see whether the heart of an individual gets enough oxygen and make the proper blood flow.
  • With the machine attach to the individual, they need to start walking and slowly run. This is how to start the process of this test. Before an individual start, the Doctor will check the blood pressure, heart rate and also the level of individual health. After this test person is also advised to take those examinations to record again.

Who are Those People Who Can Get This Stress Test exercise

  • This is for the people who experience pain in their chest and has symptoms of Coronary heart disease. This is to prevent bigger complications, so the Doctor prefers and prescribed this process for their patients. Another reason to the Doctor to prescribe this to their patients is to know how healthy an individual is, and what will be the proper exercise, food and other activities that may help them in maintaining a healthy life.

How To Prepare To Have Stress Test Exercise

  • Before this kind of test, people are required to tell their Doctor and give their health history. An individual need to give their records and will honestly tell the Doctor if they have a disease, that is harmful to undergo this kind of test. Another is that people need to avoid eating, smoking and drinking a few hours before to take this test. It is not advisable to do these things as it may harm people who will take the stress test exercise. Another is that people need to tell their doctor if they have any chest pain. Also, stop taking medicines it is important to know this kind of facts so that there will no complications in the future.


To get a regular checkup is very important to take good care of health. It is important to have a positive outlook in life so that people keep a healthy mind and body. To have this stress test exercise help an individual to take good care of their heart and also to know if they have a great level with their health. Today, there is a lot of technology that can track an illness but this test is special to have the best medications.