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Factors You Need to Know Before Going for a Hair Transplant


Hair loss is one of the most fateful experiences of life that a significant number of men and women have to deal with. Many lose the luster of the hair and the hair begins to thin by the age of 35. Hair loss does not just affect the scalp, for some, it affects the whole body. Hair loss is due to heredity, hormonal changes, medications, and medical conditions. But the most common cause of baldness or hair loss is due to heredity.

Men are most affected by hair loss better than women. But whoever it affects, it affects the self-esteem of that person. But hair loss is not a total loss, it can be regained. It is good news for all those who lose hair. It can be transplanted, and you can retain that hair permanently.

You can restore your hair through certain procedures. They are two ways to hair restoration procedures. They are Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE and Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT. There are FUE clinics where you can get help to regain your hair. But here are some factors which you need to know before going for a hair transplant.

Factors you need to know before going for a hair transplant

  • First, if you are taking blood thinners, you need to inform this to your doctor before the surgery because it can affect the after-effects of the surgery adversely.
  • Second, you need to tell the doctor if you are using a broad beta-blocker.
  • Asthmatic patients need to bring their inhalers to the operating theatres in case of an asthma attack. This is only a precautionary measure. You can get assured that the treatment does not induce asthma.
  • The patients need to avoid any anti-inflammatory tablets for one week before the date of surgery.
  • In order to avoid heavy bleeding during surgery, the patient should not take any multivitamin or vitamin B or E before the surgery. You should stop taking those at least two weeks before the date.
  • If you are on prescription medicines for heart and blood pressure, then you should continue to take those medicines until the date of the surgery. You can continue to take those after the surgery.
  • Smoking and alcohol drinking should be avoided for two weeks before the surgery. This will help in fast recovery from the surgery.
  • If you are using hair dye, then you need to stop using it and you need to scrub the dye from your hair completely before going to the surgery.
  • You need to stop using hair spray or any hair product before the date.
  • It is recommended not to eat anything 12 hours before the surgery.
  • Caffeinated drinks should be avoided on the surgery date.

Like any other surgery, you can ask a second opinion from another doctor on whether you can go for a hair transplant. You can also consult your surgeon if your body is capable of adapting to the FUE hair transplants. Most FUE clinics take good care of the patients and consultations are offered before taking the FUE procedure.