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Floating Beauties : How Float Tank Therapy can improve your skin


They are being called ‘floaters’, ‘float enthusiasts’, ‘bobbies’ and a few other names due to one common activity that they all engage in which is commonly regarded or known as float tank therapy.

Now, although these floaters may be ridiculed for their indulgence in this treatment by some who prefer to sit at a bar and gulp down beer after beer, these floaters are generally healthier in general due to this activity.

From reports released by international medical communities to Facebook postings by those who go for float tank therapy in Melbourne regularly the positive feedback is simply overwhelming.

Coupled with the fact that the medical community has actually introduced float tank therapy as part of the treatment for quite a number of diseases which range from discomforts due to PMS, gout, arthritis and injuries right up to chronic pain and headaches, it would be safe to say that float tank therapy in Melbourne especially is a growing phenomenon simply because everything about it is good.

This is because those who subject themselves to float tank sessions regularly between 45 and 90 minutes once or twice a week report that not only their general health has improved, but they also observe that their skin condition had also improved tremendously which is the reason behind beauticians have also joined the floater’s ‘band wagon’.

The number of float tank therapy centres in Melbourne has increased significantly over the last few years mainly due to the fact that this therapeutic non-invasive healing practice is not just affordable, but it also seems to put those who go for it in a generally better mood which in turn assists in making them look more vibrant, calm and focused which is actually an ‘attractive factor’ in humans.

The better skin condition however is not a big mystery as it is the direct result of being immersed in the Epsom salt solutions that these tanks are filled with. Epsom salt contains magnesium which seeps through the skin and the salinity of the water actually exfoliates the skin rather quite thoroughly (magnesium is a critical nutrient for the functions of the central nervous system) and based on studies the superficial detoxification that takes place during the floatation takes place at the cellular level which means that it effectively reduces the rate of skin degradation or aging process of our skin.

How this actually happens is that when the process of detoxification takes place at cellular levels they actually overhaul the skin cell structures which are why floaters often have healthier looking complexions compared to those who generally sit at bars filling their bellies up with beer.

Apart from that, the other explanations that also advocate the better skin theory or observation is the fact that during float tank therapy sessions individuals experience an enhanced state of relaxation mentally which significantly reduces stress which have a direct and consequential impact on the immune system which in turn supports skin rejuvenation.

To explain it in a simpler manner, when our immune system is at optimal states it actually assists in ‘healing the skin’ which actually causes our skin to become more radiant naturally.