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How Good Is The Follicular Unit Extraction?


The hair transplant is the necessary one for the many males. Naturally many males will lose their hair in quick sessions than females. Whatever may be losing the hairs will always give the depression for both the men and women. So for them, the hair transplant technique is the important one. This brings back the lost hope and also positive vibes. The fue cost in india depends on the number of grafts that needed to be transplanted. This is the good one for getting the lost hair back in the few minutes.

Why fue is the best in the hair transplant process?

The hair transplantation can be done in the tow different technique one is the FUT and the other one is the FUE. The follicular unit extraction is a little bit costlier than the follicular unit transplantation. But this method is very much effective. The fue cost in india is always cheap and also it depends on the number of grafts needed to be shifted. The transplantation of the hair is safe and also does not causes more scar to the head. These are the techniques that most people need it.

The techniques are carried out by taking the individual hairs in the backside of the head. Even the hairs can be picked from the other parts of the body if the hairs on the back head are less. While taking the hairs from other parts of the body they always check tissue and other things. Then only they will punch the hair in the required place. This kind of hair transplantation does not take more time and also the pain is relieved instantly within the week.

From the next day onwards the patients can do their normal work. Before undergoing this procedure the patients have to take the primitive measures given by the doctors. The clinics will start the procedure to the patients only by checking the diabetes and the other health conditions of the patients. The patients have to follow the doctor’s advice even after the surgery to avoid the hair loss.

What is the benefit of this fue technique?

  • The treatment does not need more time.
  • The anesthesia is given to the patients and so they do not feel the pain during the surgery.
  • The natural hair is regained and it starts to grow within the few weeks. Not even a single scar is found.
  • The injuries that happened while doing the surgery will be healed with the necessary medications.
  • Even the small hairs can be picked and inserted in the head.
  • The growth of the hairs will be constant and also healthier.
  • The sensitivity of the hair will remain there only with the proper medicines the pain and the sensitivity will be reduced.
  • The third person cannot able to find that this is the transplanted hair. It looks more natural and gives the more positive vibes and the attitude.