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How to quit smoking in 6 easy steps


Smoking has been linked with an increase in the likelihood of development of a number of heart conditions, cancer and damage to various organs in the body. Are you trying to quit smoking?

Here are some tips that will help you get through the difficult experience.

Deciding to quit

This is the biggest step when quitting smoking. If you do not decide to quit, any attempts to overcome your addiction may prove to be futile. You need to decide to quit in order to help yourself to do it. Without this innate personal motivation, you will have a harder time quitting and keeping away from smoking permanently. It could help prevent redundant and repeated attempts to quit smoking.

Create a schedule and seek support

Quitting an addiction can be difficult. People will struggle to successfully overcome their addictions due to a lack of choices. Many addicts are compelled to engage in their addictions even when they want to stop. By finding support and creating a schedule, you will able to practice restraint more than you might have if you were doing it alone and without prior planning.

This will also help you determine potential failing points, as well as help you to overcome any temptations to take up the habit again.

Find a distraction

You can replace smoking with a healthy alternative. This alternative will help occupy your time and reduce the likelihood that you may go back to smoking. You can join a band, take up pottery classes, explore your creative arts side or take up exercise.

While they may not guarantee that they will help replace smoking in your life, they will provide healthy alternatives that will keep you occupied for long amounts of time and reduce the likelihood that you have free time to spend smoking.

Mark and celebrate achievements

You will probably have a hard time quitting smoking. It will be a while before you are successfully over the temptation to slide back to your addictions. You can help create a reminder of how much progress you’ve made by marking significant points and celebrating your achievement.

Doing this will help you understand your progress towards quitting smoking, which may help you resist the urge to take up the habit.

Understand why you do it

You should spend some time exploring why you continue to engage in smoking, how you started and why you want to stop. Understanding yourself will help make it easier for you to quit permanently.

Consider medical help

You might be having trouble giving up smoking even after trying out these five steps. You could consider visiting a doctor to advise you on the medical options available to help you quit.

If some options are too expensive for you, there are a number of copay coupons available that will help reduce the cost of quitting. A Chantix coupon for stopping smoking, which you can also get from your doctor, will help you overcome smoking at reduced costs.