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Is Chiropractic Safe For Scoliosis?


Recent studies and research have proven that an estimated seven million people in America suffer from an unusual spine curvature. And this condition is known as scoliosis. Some of the symptoms experienced could be unnoticeable to severe, and even those experiencing mild scoliosis can have so much pain that may affect their day-to-day life.

But, if you are not subject to surgery, what options can you consider?

You may ask yourself questions such as, can a chiropractor help with posture? And how to avoid back pain. The truth is, corrective care chiropractic can make all the difference.

In this post, we discuss some of the causes of scoliosis and if chiropractic is safe for scoliosis.

What results in scoliosis pain?

In normal circumstances, the spine’s vertebrae are stacked well on top of each other. And in between lies a disc of cartilage. That provides flexibility and cushioning to your vertebrae even as you move.

With scoliosis, your spine curves unusually. The condition can get caused by muscular dystrophy or arise due to old age.

If left untreated, things can get worse as the spine gets pulled further. When you understand this, it is effortless for the chiropractor to help manage your symptoms.

Can a chiropractor straighten your spine?

Chiropractic care means that you look at how your body functions as a whole and manage your symptoms to improve your wellbeing.  It aims to let your body heal itself by restoring proper alignment to your spine and joints.

A chiropractor for scoliosis is a non-invasive treatment plan that will help address multiple symptoms. Chiropractic medicine is ideal since it works on the musculoskeletal system, spine, nervous system, and ailments associated with the same.

When you visit a chiropractor for the first time, the first thing they notice is your posture. An experienced chiropractor will notice any symptoms and diagnose them. The professional will help ease your suffering, curb the condition’s progression, slow it down and even reverse it.

The chiropractor also has the right tools to help with your spine alignment, including those that help with stretching, manipulating, massaging, and correcting your posture. They may also prescribe some strengthening and corrective exercises and show you how to perform them at home.

Remember, when remaining unchecked, your posture may result in pain and severe issues such as arthritis, herniated disks, and chronic disabilities.

How often should you see a chiropractor is a question that most people ask. Like every other healthcare treatment, chiropractic treatment is personalized and varies from one individual to another. That means that there is no one size fits all answer. Depending on your lifestyle, you might need to visit the chiropractor bi-weekly or even once a month.

Once an examination gets carried out, the professional should assess how often you need treatment.

The chiropractor may also work together with your medical doctor in case you need any surgical intervention.

Final thoughts

Posture issues happen on a wide scale. Sometimes the symptoms may be mild, while in other cases, severe. An experienced professional gets trained to address any of these issues and implement the ideal diagnostic tools and treatments. They also ensure that you experience the least possible side effects. And that you get the most out of your treatment.