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Keeping pets near children


Though it is said that cats and dogs are dirtier than human beings because they always lie on the floors, keep going outdoors but keeping them in a near proximity to your child can actually help them to stay happy, healthy and grow up a stronger immunity power.

So, if you are thinking that should pets be around newborns, then the answer is most probably yes but the parents also need to be a bit cautious about the activities of both the pet and the baby. If one can take care of the minor bacteria issues that can take place by keeping a pet near the newborn then they will definitely grow up with a strong immunity power and will be able to resist allergies and illness later in their life.

According to many studies, the children who grew up with a dog or a cat in their house are said to be found to have fewer respiratory tract infections and they are also likely to develop less ear infections and so they do not need antibiotics to treat them. Staying with a pet and having a very positive health effect is also termed as the microbiome hypothesis. This hypothesis mainly states the fact that an early life exposure to a variety of good microbes and always improve the immunity system of a body because they alter the microbes present in the intestine to protect against all sorts of infections and allergies.

If a pet lives with a newborn or during the first few years of the child’s life, then only this chance of developing strong immunity system can occur. There have been a lot of studies which have landed up in similar conclusions and they all say that children living with pets experience fewer sick days than children growing up without pets. So, keeping a pet at home can be a good thing as well because not only the child gets stringer physically but also they get a companion and a furry friend to grow up with.

Having a four legged companion in a stressful and a tiring life is actually the best thing. Not only for the kids but for their parents as well because they always feel relaxed when they are in a close proximity with a dog or a cat.

But yes, there are some exceptions as well. there are certain children who are weaker and thus are more prone to illness and the parents always need to be cautious and take the doctors help so that they can deal with the infection attacks on their child. Keeping them in a close proximity with pets can be a bit problematic but still it is not very harmful if one can keep the child away from the exposed dander and furs.

So, pets around newborn babies are nothing harmful and one can easily go for a cute puppy or a fluffy cat so that the child can actually have a healthier life ahead. Also, one can get some extra love from them.