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Kratom Tea Preparation Methods


The preparatory steps and methods do vary from place to place. However, there is a standard preparatory procedure which can be utilized to prepare Kratom Tea without losing its essential content like alkaloid.

Step by step procedure to make kratom tea

  • Soak the Kratom tea leaves in water for a considerable time. You may use either kratom tea leaves or Kratom tea powder to soak in water for a while. (Kratom leaves needs more time as compared to kratom powder)
  • While Kratom leaves may take 30-40 minutes to completely steep their content in the water, Kratom powder will need only 10-15 minutes.
  • Once the powder dust settles beneath the water, you can consider it to be completely steeped in it
  • Now comes the part of separating the water from leaves or powder, separating leaves from water can be achieved using any traditional methods. But in case of powder, allow the powder to completely sink in the water at the bottom layer, and eliminate the water very slowly without letting the powder flow down to your tea

    And, our tea is ready.

Before we get to know more about Kratom tea like their effects and additional benefits, we should be very aware of the Kratom nutritional information.

There are many Kratom supplements available in the online marketplace. And, we do not have any exact nutritional information of Kratom, but, according to these supplements, there has been some certain data extracted which says and reveal the nutritional information of Kratom which is as:

Estimated nutritional value of kratom

  • Calories in 1 oz of Kratom is 4
  • Total carbs in 1 gram of Kratom is 1 gram
  • There are even vitamins in Kratom, but we do not have any validates information of the exact content
  • And, Kratom has anti-oxidants and fiber composition, in fact, Kratom is known to have several benefits due to its anti-oxidants

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How much does Kratom tea cost?

There are many portals in the online marketplace to buy for Kratom. One of them is Kratora and they do offer 1 oz of Kratom strains at a cost of 12 dollars.

While, there is another portal known as kratomspot.com, and they do offer 1 bag of pure Kratom powder containing 28 gms Kratom at a cost of 10 dollars only.

But, buying Kratom in bulk can be much cheaper. For example, you may have to burn around 70 dollars to get 250 gms of pure Kratom powder on a site like Kratora.

Now, in case you do want to know what people had with Kratom experience, then we want to help you understand that no two natural herbs can have same effects on every person.

They may act differently depending on our enzymes, our body’s ability to consume herbs, genetics, health status and so forth.

But again, there are few Kratom experiences that will be common in most of the cases.

For examples, most of the Kratom users have encountered a long-lasting flow of energy in their body with the effects like caffeine, but long-lasting.

Also, there are few people who were addicted to opium and drugs, but with Kratom tea and leaves, they had experienced and committed the functionality and benefits of Kratom tea for opiate withdrawal.

According to him, regular consumption of Kratom tea did not only free his mind and body’s addiction to drugs and such thing but also helped them to stabilize in their life.

It means that we can imply kratom tea for opiate withdrawal as the most important benefit of Kratom tea, right?