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Significant Help of cosmetic Dentistry Treatment to Replace Missing Teeth

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However, human teeth are designed to last for a lifetime, but it doesn’t mean they never get damaged, fall out, or need to be extracted. It is likely for all people to experience tooth loss as a result of several expected and unexpected reasons. For example, some people may lose one or multiple permanent teeth in a car accident, and others are recommended to remove their teeth because of severe dental decays and cavities. As a professional dentist working at cosmetic dentistry in Ancaster explains, when a permanent tooth is fallen out, it won’t grow again, and that’s why people look for a practical method to replace them as soon as possible. Thankfully cosmetic dentistry treatments have various exceptional options to replace your missing teeth in the blink of an eye. Please follow the useful article provided here to learn which option can potentially help you achieve what you desire.

The Necessity of Replacing Missing Teeth

When a tooth is lost, this severe dental issue can invite several unwanted consequences that can negatively affect your physical appearance. Besides, if you leave missing teeth untreated for a long time, they will interfere with your overall well-being too. The following items are the most important effects of missing teeth that are necessary to be aware of:

Shifting Teeth: When you lose a natural tooth, the adjacent teeth move toward the open space. Therefore, the risk of dental concerns like misaligned teeth, severe gum diseases, dental decays, and cavities will be considerably increased.

Chewing Ability Will Be Limited: It is a fact that missing just a single tooth can significantly change your chewing ability. Besides, missing teeth can impact the way you pronounce certain words, so you will find it difficult to interact with others.

Facial Ageing: Since the roots of your teeth are responsible for supporting your facial structure, missing them can lead to premature facial aging. So if you prefer to look younger than your real age, don’t wait to replace your missing teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options to Replace Missing Teeth

As mentioned above, cosmetic dentistry provides several successful methods to replace missing teeth. Let’s take a look at the most highly-requested options to get rid of all mentioned consequences of having missing teeth in your mouth:

Dental Implants: This is the best option for those who prefer to replace their missing teeth with a permanent solution. In addition, long-lasting results and the most natural-looking appearance are two other essential factors that convince most patients to opt for this procedure to achieve what they deserve. The implant device will be placed in your jaw bone during this exceptional method to act like the root of your real tooth. Once your implant heals, the artificial tooth called a crown would be fitted properly over it.

Dentures: This restorative method uses custom-made artificial teeth to replace missing teeth. The patients should wear them to replace their missing teeth. Partial dentures are the appropriate option for those who still have some healthy teeth in their mouth.