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Various types of pregnancy tests


A nice feeling of intent is about pregnancy; in the end you have a baby. News of pregnancy is a joyful time and different types of pregnancy test confirm the same. Fertilization of egg by a sperm signals a pregnancy. The early way to confirm pregnancy is via blood and urine tests. If you suspect that you are pregnant a test kit would confirm status of your pregnancy in a matter of seconds. These are simple, convenient and hassle free.

The procedure to use a home pregnancy kit?

Most pregnancy kits are available in easy to use kits. Just you need to follow instructions properly. A home pregnancy test allows you to pee on a stick in holding it upstream. The urine needs to touch stick directly. Another option would be to pee in a urine and place the stick on it. Collect the first pee of the day as it is more concentrated and accurate results emerge. Do not use a cup which has been stuck with detergents. This could taper with results and wait for a couple of minutes for results to emerge. On the internet lot of options are there in relation to home pregnancy tests. This type of pregnancy test is a popular choice worldwide among all women.

What is the best time to use a pregnancy home test in order to avail an accurate result?

If you are suspecting pregnancy you need to opt for a test once you have missed your period. A better option would be to use a home pregnancy test on the first day of missed period, but levels of HCG can be too low to be detected and a couple of lines on the strip cannot be witnessed. So after a week or so you can again opt for this test. Towards the early stage of pregnancy HCG levels are on the higher side and once again the fact comes to the fore that takes the test in the early hours of the morning.

Would you consider pregnancy test results to be accurate?

In most cases pregnancy tests are 99 % accurate. But some could not be as sensitive to HCG in comparison to others. Woman cannot do anything as far as a negative home pregnancy test and their natural reaction would be to figure out whether they are pregnant or not. Form an accuracy point of view it depends

  • Time when you go on to undertake the test
  • In your urine HCG levels
  • How accurately you have gone on to undertake the test

If levels of HCG in your urine are above a certain level it showcases you are pregnant. Just keep in mind that a home pregnancy test has not expired before you have gone on to give the test.

The feeling of fluttering pregnancy would cause considerable stress at the back of your mind. In case if you are not opting for a home pregnancy test, there are some tests that can be conducted at your home.