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What is the Best Care Home in Redhill?


When looking for the perfect care home in any area, you can’t rely solely on the opinion of others. By taking the time to do the research yourself and find the right one for your business, you are able to make informative decisions that are best for the health of your loved one. In this article, we will be providing yo8u with guidance on some of the best care homes in the Redhill area.

Kings Lodge

With several care homes in the area all catering to different needs for their residence, there are several that cater to complex needs. Kings lodge is a centre for complex needs that always has the health and safety of the residents in mind. They provide care 24-hours a day for those with neurological illnesses and are specially trained to deal with a wide range of illnesses. Set in the countryside in an old manner home and can have up to 64 residents at a time to provide 1 to 1 care that is needed.

Acorn Court Care Home

Another care home in Redhill that provides the best possible level of care is the Acorn Court care home. With nurses on-site as well as specialist facilities and happy friendly staff, this is the perfect place for your loved one to stay. With several communal areas as well as the ability to sit in the garden should you need to, this care home is one of the best in the Redhill area when it comes to providing the level of care that your loved one needs later in life?

Wray Common Care Home

With the home from home environment and friendly staff at Wray common, you can be sure that your loved ones feel as comfortable as possible. Couple this with the highly trained professional staff on site 24 hours a day and you have a care home that is perfect for anyone who requires this level of care. With the ability to place a TV and other personal items in their room, you can guarantee that your loved one is happy with their new set up whilst getting the assistance they need throughout the day. This is sure to make the transition easier on you as well as the resident.


The final care home in the area that has gained a place on this list is the Eversfeild care home. Set in an elegant Victorian Mansion, this home is definitely one that looks great both inside and outside. With a total of 36 residents at one time, this slightly smaller care home is able to provide you with the care that you need in a welcoming space. Not only do they have individual rooms for each resident, they have a communal area, allowing everyone to enjoy visitors and do group activities for the perfect experience every day.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a smaller care home for a more intimate level of care for your l0oved one or a specialist care home for neurological illnesses, there are several options for care home out there for you to choose from.