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What To Do If You Spot An Early Sign Of Heart Failure?

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Among all the diseases that put our life in danger, failure of heart is a major one. This happens when our heart does not pump blood as efficiently as it should causing shortness of breath, swollen legs, fatigue and rapid heartbeat. Narrowing of arteries in our heart, high blood pressure, uncontrollable diabetes are few of the major reasons that cause heart failure. It may also be genetic. Now, according to statistics more than 1 million cases of heart failure are reported per year in India.

The early symptoms of heart failure are mostly subtle and are often neglected. Essex Heart Clinic makes sure that each and every symptom which is technically your body’s cry for help are not kept ignored.

  • Chest Discomfort-In case of heart failure, you may feel tightness or pressure in your chest. The pain is brief and generally lasts for only a few minutes. Still it should never be ignored and should be consulted with a doctor as soon as possible.
  • Feeling Dizzy-You may feel dizzy due to many other reasons, but if you get up and feel unsteady and there is shortness of breath, do not forget to check it with your doctor.
  • Pain spreading to the arm-There are people in whom the pain begins at their chest and then spreads down the left side of their body, but there are also other people who just have arm pains and do not realise until it’s too late. So make sure not to take arm pains so lightly.
  • Jaw or throat pain-When your pain generating from your chest gradually spreads to your jaws and throat then you should definitely contact your doctor without wasting much time.
  • Fatigue-When your heart fails to pump oxygen rich blood into your body, the energy level drops making you exhausted and tired. This symptom is one of the major ones, so you must give your doctor a tinkle for an appointment.
  • Swollen legs-The blood circulation slows down due to the inefficient pumping of the heart, and thus causes swelling of feet, ankles and legs. Call your doctor and get medication soon.
  • Along with these the other symptoms are irregular or rapid heartbeat, snoring, congestion, sweating, nausea, stomach ache etc.

Essex Clinic assures you all that heart failure can be treated if we pay proper attention to these early symptoms and not neglect them as we usually do. Heart helps us lead a healthy and good life; it is our duty to take care of it. When these symptoms show up, stay alert and consult a doctor or call an ambulance without getting panicky. Take care of yourself; keep your relentlessly beating heart healthy.