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4 Most Loved Indian Traditional Sabjis

Loved Indian Traditional Sabj

The Indian cuisine comprises an array of traditional and regional dishes that belong to different states and regions of India. The food scene in India is varied and interesting and includes cuisines from different parts of India that differ in the spices used and the method of cooking. Due to the diversity of soil, culture, climate, occupations, and ethnic groups, the cuisines appreciably vary and include locally sourced vegetables, fruits, herbs, and spices.

Here is a roundup of the four most loved traditional Indian vegetable dishes that you must try out at least once.

#1. Arbi Ki Sabzi

One of the most delicious dry vegetable curries prepared by frying taro roots is arbi ki sabzi. It is easy to make a dish that can form a lip-smacking meal when teamed with Indian bread variations such as paratha, roti, naan, or poori. Arbi is taro roots are rich in starch, and the dish offers the required dietary fibre.

Both the tuber and the leaves of the vegetable are used for cooking the dish. The tuber of the taro root is used for making an array of dishes from kebabs, chips to curries and dry vegetable stir fry. The dish is made up of onion, dry red chillies, a pinch of turmeric, red chilli powder, and ajwain (carom) seeds. The carom seeds lend a good flavour to the dish. The dish is both delicious and nutritious. Arbi roots supply the nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, calcium, riboflavin, thiamine, folate, etc.

#2. Aloo Gobi

A well-known and delectable Indian vegetable dish is the aloo gobi tossed up with cauliflower and potatoes and a mix of spices enjoyed with flattened Indian bread such as paratha and chapati. It can be prepared in a jiffy with readily available spices such as coriander powder, turmeric powder, red chilli powder, and cumin seeds.

Try out this simple yet delicious vegetarian dish at home with a handful of ingredients and Indian spices. Check out an aloo gobi recipe to make this dish at home.

#3. Baingan Bharta

One of the popular South Asian dishes is made by stirring up grilled brinjal or eggplant with various Indian spices, onion, and tomato. Mustard oil, ginger, garlic, browned onion, and chopped tomato are used to enhance the taste of the dish.

Traditionally the dish is served with Indian flattened bread such as paratha or roti. Paired with a yogurt salad or raita, the dish tastes delicious. In Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, the dish is enjoyed with baati or litti.

#4. Bharwan Tinda

Tinda or apple gourd is a popular vegetable among the Indians. Stuffed tinda or bharwan tinda paired with chapati, phulka or jeera makes a perfect dish for lunch. Stuffed with onion and tomato gravy, the apple gourd not only tastes good but is highly nutritious. It is known by various other names such as Indian squash, round melon, or Indian baby pumpkin. Healthy food can make your mind and body fit and healthy, visit this website https://mysqmclub.com/ for further details. 

If you still have not tried any of the above-mentioned vegetable dishes, check out the recipes available online and prepare them today.