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What Is the Most Appropriate Option to Fix Severely Decayed Teeth?

Decayed Teeth

Generally, one of the life-threatening dental problems that commonly occur due to dental infection or neglect to have proper oral hygiene is dental decay. In some initial moments, this problem doesn’t cause unbearable pain and irritation, so if you are in a little pain, your condition surely becomes complicated. However, several beneficial treatments are available in restorative dentistry to resolve this common problem; root canal therapy is the only reliable method to eliminate all negative consequences of dental decay and cavities. It should be mentioned that some people prefer to get their damaged teeth removed rather than undergo endodontic treatment to get them preserved. However, according to an experienced Oakville endodontist, it is pointless to worry about feeling pain during this dental process since local anesthesia will be applied to all patients. Thus, if you wonder which treatment is the best option, keep reading the useful points recommended in this article.

Dental Extractions VS. Endodontic Treatment

Tooth removal seems to be an easier solution to get rid of dental infections than root canal therapy; however, it is a completely wrong belief. Because you have to undergo several complex and costly treatments to restore your missing teeth, but it should be mentioned, in most severe cases that infection is spreading to all other healthy structures, or most parts of your teeth are damaged, tooth extraction is the only available solution to keep the rest of your teeth safe and healthy. In the following parts, all possible risks and complications associated with tooth extraction and root canal therapy are mentioned then you can make a well-formed decision to treat your conditions:

All Essential Points about Dental Removal: The affected site should be numbed to start a dental extraction procedure. Therefore, you won’t feel any pain; just some pressure is applied to pull down the infected teeth. But you should remember that experiencing pain and irritations right after the anesthesia fades away is expected that you can easily control it by using the prescribed painkillers promptly. Those with empty spaces in their mouth caused by tooth extraction are more prone to experience dental infection. Because these spaces are considered the proper areas for bacteria, other complications will also arise, like misaligned teeth. This is because permanent teeth tend to shift toward the space caused by missing teeth. The only way to help you avoid all these adverse side effects is to replace your missing teeth with one of all available options.

Top Tips About Root Canal Therapy: All dental professionals state that a root canal is more appropriate than tooth extraction because it doesn’t have long-lasting consequences. During these essential methods, all infected sites will be delicately removed from your teeth, and there’s no need to extract your natural teeth. Most people refuse their professional dentists’ recommendation to undergo root canal therapy because they believe this treatment can lead to excessive pain and discomfort. It should be noted this solution can effectively relieve your pain by adequately removing the main source of your pain. There’s no need to worry about the hole created on your enamel to access the interior sites. Your highly-skilled endodontists will considerably seal the place with modern and strong materials.