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A Look at Iridology and it’s Uses


Iridology is the scientific evaluation of structures and patterns in the iris of the eyes which finds stages and areas of swelling through the entire body. The iris is the part of the eye displaying color. It shows body constitution, natural strengths and weak points, health levels and changes that occur in an individual’s body based on their life-style.

What Iridology May and May not Diagnose

Study of pictures of your irises may diagnosis the following:

  • Overall health condition
  • Area and intensity of swelling
  • Organsneeding support
  • Condition of internal organs which are biologically vulnerable to disorders
  • Harmful toxins and where they may be trapped in your body
  • Condition of intestinal tract, nervous and cardiovascular systems
  • Intensity of organic degeneration
  • Existence of likely tumors

Iridology may not determine or diagnose any of the following:

  • Determine sex male/female
  • Weight, Height
  • Blood sugar level, high blood pressure or some other laboratory test findings
  • Reason for injury
  • Structurally abnormal internal organs
  • Size of a cancer/tumor

Knowing your Body

The actual iris will display regions of possible weakness, which internal organs may be affected by, how powerful the impact is as well as for how long it is often present. Once recognized you are able to take the appropriate steps to nurture, strengthen and build. A few regions of the iris might display over activity (hyper-states); while other areas might display under activity (hypo-states).

To obtain a total understanding, both your acquired and your inherited weaknesses have to be evaluated. Instead of viewing these types of indicators as undesirable and uncomfortable information, view them as a gift; a type of message from your entire body to yourself. Your body is actually telling you where you have to put your attention; your iridology Calgary professional then interprets this message for you personally. Signs within the iris will show before your wellbeing begins to decline, sometimes years prior to the issue is so entrenched it is spotted in a blood test. It is easier to deal with health imbalances at this stage.

Even if you possess a sign of some weakness in your iris it definitely does not mean you are going to undoubtedly suffer health problems associated with this weakness. Well-timed iris evaluation may help to prevent a weakness that is inherited from becoming an unavoidable illness.

How It Is Done

Iridology is not a therapy treatment, but a kind of analysis to evaluate conditions of health. It should be utilized in combination with information from all other sources to get a diagnosis. Typically, iridology was carried out utilizing a focused light source to light up the iris along with a magnifying glass to clarify details.

These days, specialized cameras are made use of to photograph the eyes utilizing color transparency film to permit more enlargements via projection. This produces greater detail for precise evaluation. Research continues developing a computerized system of iris evaluation. Because of the complex variations in every individual iris, the job is monumental. You will find no two irisesalike; they may be as different and distinctive as fingerprints. When viewing the bigger irises, the iridologist describes the iridology graph and correlates the features observed in the irises to the numerous anatomical structures.