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All You Need to Know About Holistic Medicine


With the intent to acquire optimal wellness and health, many people started embracing a holistic practice that works alongside traditional medicine to heal the whole person. The purpose of holistic healing is to motivate the person to endeavor for healthy living with the aim being to acquire the proper balance in every aspect of life. So, if you are in the hunt for wellness & holistic medicine clinic, look no further from The Urban Alchemist. 

Holistic medicine practitioners think that the whole person is built of interdependent parts. And if one part is not functioning properly, then all the other parts will get affected. 

That’s why if a person has imbalances (emotional, physical or spiritual) in their lives, then it can influence their overall health. A holistic doctor may utilize all forms of healthcare, from traditional medication/practices to alternative therapies, to cure a patient. 

Moreover, holistic medicine is based on the fact that unconditional support and love is the most powerful healer and you are accountable for your own health. 

Other facts of holistic medicine that you should know

  • Every person has innate healing strength 
  • The patient is not a disease, but a person. 
  • Healing takes a collaborative approach, which involved the doctor and the patient. 
  • Healing means addressing every aspect of a person’s life through a wide range of healthcare practices. 
  • Treatment incorporates resolving the root cause of the problem, not just reducing the symptoms. 

Holistic practitioners use a wide range of treatment practices to help patients take accountability for their own health and accomplish optional wellness. Based on the practitioner’s training and expertise, these may incorporate –

  • Patient lifestyle changes to promote wellness, which includes exercise, diet, etc. 
  • Alternative and complementary practices like massage therapy, homeopathy and others. 
  • Surgical procedures and western medications 

These are the basic things you should know about holistic medicine. If you have come to this page, then it means that you want to give a try to holistic medicine. Most importantly, you must be in the quest for wellness & holistic medicine clinic. Isn’t, it right? The Urban Alchemist is the place for evidence-based holistic wellness practices and treatments. They treat many health conditions including immune conditions, depression, sporting injuries, neck pain, lower back pain, and a lot more. 

With holistic wellness therapies from The Urban Alchemist, you can treat the root cause of your health condition and take charge of your wellness for the long term. Their experienced holistic practitioners focus on the causes of your problem and provide the most powerful treatment. You can reach out to us if you want the best treatment for your illness.