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Main Characteristics Of Fat Removing Procedures


There is always some part of the body that is making us unsatisfied. In most cases that is the excess fat tissue that manages to stay even after diet and exercises. Women after pregnancy usually have excess fat on their belly, buttocks, and thighs and people who have some critical areas of fat deposits, are also common clients for fat removing procedures.

Fat reducing procedures can be done in a non-invasive or invasive way. There are advantages and disadvantages of both procedures, so do your research and consult with a doctor to find out all the necessary information.

Non-invasive procedures

Today, there are a few different options for non-invasive procedures. They all have the same function and that is to affect the fat cells so they will stop to function. That can be done with techniques that use cold temperatures such as cool sculpting, laser treatments such as Zerona or treatment that is based on the radiofrequency technology that is known as truSculpt.

With these procedures, you will need patience, as their results are visible after some time, and that is usually a period of three to six months. There are no cuts, anaesthesia or special preparation for these treatments. The appliances will be placed on the skin, and their waves will affect the fat tissue. One more downside is that you will most probably need a few sessions to get the desirable results.

There is almost no downtime when these procedures are done, so you can return to your activities. Besides redness and maybe some unpleasant feeling during some of the treatments, there aren’t some significant risks and side effects.

You can gain great results with the non-invasive procedures

Also, these procedures have a good price when you consider what you are getting. For example, the effective coolsculpting Melbourne cost according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is much more affordable, than the liposuction procedure.

Invasive procedure

Liposuction is the most common technique for fast fat tissue removing. Because it is a surgical procedure, the general or local anaesthetics will be required. Depending on the area that you are going to treat, this procedure can last from 30 minutes to an hour. The surgeon will mark the places where he is going to perform the surgery, and then he will remove the fat tissue with the cannula.

For some critical areas, liposuction can help

For example, during the tummy tuck surgery Melbourne at Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne, the surgeon will make an insertion below your bikini line, so when the recovery period passes, the scars will not be noticeable.

Some of the quite normal side effects are bruises and swelling, but that is temporary. The results will be visible right after the procedure, but the final results will be visible after six months.

Final word

None of these procedures is a replacement for weight loss, but if you consider liposuction, you will get more dramatic results with longer recovery, unlike the non-invasive procedures with no downtime and mild improvements.