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Different Signs of Alcoholism That You Usually Observe


As per the statistics available, almost 32 million people in the United States of America are addicted to alcohol. About 2 billion people are regular consumers of alcohol and out of them 1 billion are alcoholic. At any day, almost 700,000 people of the country are taking treatment for alcohol addiction. Due to this problem, almost 88,000 people are dying every year, as no one could find the initial signs of alcoholism.

As such it will be really difficult to compile all the warning signs of alcoholism however; medical researchers over the years have collected data and made a list of such signs.

Social signs of alcohol problem

This is the sign that can be easily noticed like the physical signs. If one can find these signs then it should not be ignored. It may take years to recover from alcoholism. Following are the social signs that you can observe due to alcohol addiction:

  1. Often face legal trouble
  2. Crooked priorities
  3. Affected relationship
  4. Telling lies too often
  5. Making excuses
  6. Bad company
  7. No company
  8. Poor work performance

Physical sign of alcohol problem

These signs are relatively straightforward though quite some of them may also occur with non-alcoholic persons too. Therefore, you need to pay a very close attention to the person if these signs are observed. Following are the physical sign list:

  1. High tolerance to alcohol
  2. Drinking without any limit
  3. Losing the memory power
  4. Drinking almost daily
  5. Drinking alcohol during dangerous situation
  6. Changes in appearance
  7. Withdrawal symptoms

Emotional signs of alcohol problem

Emotional signs are to be properly evaluated whether they are really due to alcohol and only those who are very close to the affected person can really detect them.

  1. Denial
  2. Feeling shame
  3. Creating concern for others
  4. Imbalance in emotion
  5. Defensiveness

The above points will help you know if the person is suffering from alcoholism. In case you find these signs on any of your near or dear ones then you should not wait any longer.