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The Best Menstrual Cup: Choosing the Right Cup for You


Menstrual cups are popular in the market right now given that it is lightweight and comfortable to wear especially on your distressing and uncomfortable period days. It is now an ongoing revolution in terms of women’s menstrual hygiene which is now taking place as women’s to go-to during their monthly period.

Isn’t it a dream come true that a reusable, one-time purchase that replaces a stash of possibly toxic and definitely too-expensive sanitary pads and tampons was invented to help alleviate one’s worries during her monthly period? Well, if you have been interested in it for a while now and wonders which menstrual cup is best for you then you’re right on track, here’s a list on how to choose the right cup for you.

It’s not a One Size Fits All

What you need to know is that there’s nothing in this world that is a “one size fits all” stuff, which addresses a certain problem and is considered as the best by all of its consumers. Of course, that would be just a pipe dream. This is why if you are considering to switch to menstrual cups after using the other menstrual hygiene methods, you need to pack yourself up with the right knowledge to use it to the best of its ability.

Consider menstrual cups as shoes, that you need to deliberately think thoroughly of since if it does not suit you well, you might get yourself having sores and added uncomfortable days to your already distressing period days.

What is the Best Menstrual Cup?

Interested menstrual cup consumers might find themselves drowning in drowning in a sea of options and that could really be quite confusing and frustrated, after all, we all just want to be comfortable during one’s period, right?

So, here’s the highlight of this article: the best menstrual cup. But what is the best menstrual cup, really? The best menstrual cup is the one which suits an individual best, thus it is safe to think that what might your neighbor or friend recommends you, it may not be the one for you. So, how will you choose what’s best for you? Here’s how:

Know How High Your Cervix Sits

The position of your cervix rises and falls according to your menstrual cycle, and knowing where your cervix sits during menstruation will help you in choosing the right and the best menstrual cup for you.

Here are the following cervix positions that you may have:

High Cervix

If you cannot feel your cervix at all or is hard to reach then your cervix sits high during ovulation. For this type of cervix, you should opt for a longer menstrual cup.

Average Cervix

If it doesn’t sit low and it it’s easy to reach then you may have the average cervix height which is probably good news for you since this type of cervix will be fine with most lengths of menstrual cups.

Low Cervix

If you can easily find your cervix and it just sits inside of your vagina then it obviously is a low cervix. For this type, choose a shorter menstrual cup to address your cervix rightly.

How to Determine Your Cervix

Determining your cervix isn’t that hard and you can probably determine it by yourself. How? Just insert a clean finger inside your vagina and slowly move your finger to the back of your vagina passing the pelvic bone and an “empty space” to find your cervix. The cervix is described as a round nub with a decline in the middle.

The Heaviness of Your Flow

Here’s another key in choosing the right menstrual cup for you, the heaviness of your flow. The average size menstrual cup is designed just to rightly cope up with the average flow of a woman’s period and studies have shown that an average woman’s flow is moderate, which is around 1-4 oz of menstrual blood over the course of the entire period.

Now, if you have a heavier flow then opt for a cup with a higher capacity so that you will empty the cup less frequently.


There are certain brands of menstrual cups that are firmer than others, thus you should know the level of firmness that you would be best to be comfortable with. A firmer cup presses tighter against the vaginal wall which results in a tighter seal, preventing leakage. However, it might be less comfortable to wear than the softer one. So, choose wisely as to what level of firmness you may want to have.


Menstrual cups might be a friend or a foe when it comes to Aunt Flo. However, it really comes down to your choices so you should be equipped with the right knowledge and a list of options so that you could determine the right and the best menstrual cup for you. Why not visit sites which will make you knowledgeable about these kinds of stuff such as daisy cup?