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Must Do Remedies for Back Pain During Pregnancy

Remedies for Back Pain During Pregnancy

Every woman would have come across back pain during the pregnancy. Back pain could be caused due to the gaining of weight, hormones relax the ligaments in joints, changes in the center of gravity. Even though it is a common complaint, there are many ways you can easily prevent or ease the pain. Excitement and joy of baby growing inside of you would be quite a spectacular moment. When your baby grows, there would be more hormonal changes that include pregnancy pains. Back pain could cause more discomfort in your daily activities. Upon knowing the cause for the back pain during pregnancy, it is quite easier to resolve the problem.


  • Hormone Changes:

During the pregnancy, your body may undergo several hormonal changes for ensuring that the uterus is strong and compatible for the baby to grow healthy. These hormones would loosen ligaments and joints in the pelvic regions. Since the pelvic bone is attached to your spinal cord, it would automatically induce back pain.

  • Gaining Weight:

Gaining weight is one of the most important causes of back pain in pregnancy. When you are carrying the additional weight of your baby, then it leads to strain on the back with causing lower back pain.

  • Centre Of Gravity:

During the pregnancy, your baby grows at every stage, which leads to increased weight in the body. This would automatically pull your body forward so that your center of gravity moves towards. Since the center of gravity changes, while you walk or sit, it could increase lower back pain.

Treatment for Back Pain In Pregnancy:

  • Practice Good Posture:

With the increase in weight and shift in the center of gravity, it would be affecting your body posture. It is necessary to compensate by leaning backward, and this could lead to pain in the lower back. Maintaining a good posture is always the best option for avoiding back pain.

  • Stand up straight
  • Keep shoulders back
  • Relax your body
  • Hold chest high
  • Do not lock your knees while sitting
  • Lifestyle:

When you are pregnant, your lifestyle changes so you need to avoid certain things that include lower back pain. Wearing low-heeled shoes are perfect for providing better arch support. You need to avoid the high heels to ensure a further shift and balance forward. A maternity support belt is one of the best ways to support your body when you walk.

  • No Heavy Lifting:

Avoiding heavy lifting is quite important during pregnancy. When you are lifting objects, it is important to squat down, then you can lift with legs. Bending with your waist and lifting the objects with your back is not advisable.

  • Sleep On One Side:

Sleeping on the side is quite important during pregnancy. It is important to keep both your knees bent to ensure that your baby has enough space. Having a support pillow at your bent knees, behind your back, and under the abdomen is quite an efficient option.

Instant Pain Medication:

When you could not bear the lower back pain during pregnancy, then applying the Moov is one of the natural ways to reduce the pain. It has natural ingredients and 100% safe for pregnancy.