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The Macujo Method Detox For Hair Follicles Is The Best Before Testing

The Macujo Method Detox For Hair Follicles Is The Best Before Testing

It’s not a secret that you’ll have to do a drug test before getting hired somewhere and it is also not a secret that lots of employers ask their workers to do drug checks from time to time. It seems like no one wants to deal with people who do drugs and they don’t even make a difference between serious and light ones.

Rules must be obeyed and there’s not much we can do about it. You need to pass that test if you want to get or keep a job. Being positive on it means being broke. Knowing this you realize that there’s no option. What must be done, simply must be. See some of the laws in the US about drugs here.

In this article, we’ll explain how to use the Macujo method for rinsing your hair and with it get rid of all toxins inside your follicles. Read on and learn more!

Required stuff

The Macujo method requires using several solutions that are essential for passing the test. There are different versions depending on what detox shampoo you like the most but here, we’ll tell you about the basics.

You will need: Aloe Rid Old Formula detox shampoo, vinegar, liquid Tide detergent, Pink Clean and Clear. These are the 4 main ingredients that you’re going to need. Some people like to add another detox shampoo that’s guaranteeing to pass the test in the next 12 of or 24 hours, but this is optional. So, let’s go step by step.

1. Stop taking drugs

Around two weeks before the test you need to stop taking anything that might incriminate you. In order to be sure that you’ll pass, you need to prepare your body. Why is this so important? Because there’s a part of your hair that’s inside the scalp and you simply can’t wash it.

As the hair grows it takes 10-15 days for the follicles that last received fresh drug particles to come out of the shaft. That’s why this step is very important.

2. Get wet and apply vinegar

The first thing you want to do is wet your hair but don’t do it thoroughly as you are used when showering. You want to just put some water, so it’s not completely soaked.

Then add the vinegar. White vinegar is the best choice. You’ll want to cover the whole scalp and make sure that every inch got in touch with it. The vinegar is going to help your pores open up and be ready for the wash.

3. Add the Pink Clean and Clear

This solution is excellent in treating skin problems like acne. People who had to deal with it know how annoying and hard to solve this can be. Together with the vinegar, this formula will make sure your scalp skin is opened up like a flower in early spring.

Just like you did it with the vinegar, make sure every single part on your head is covered. This is not the part that your hair is in the focus, but the skin because the lab practitioner will only use a sample taken closest to the shaft. See how acne product work here: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/acne/in-depth/acne-products/art-20045814

4. Let it rest

This is the time to read a book, watch TV, play some games on your phone, or panic f everything is going to be okay. Of course, leave the last one out, it’s going to be fine.

Cover your head with a plastic cap and let it sit like this for 30 minutes. Use those simple shower caps you’ve seen in hotels and can be bought anywhere in the markets. This is a time for your scalp to be completely ready for the serious stuff.

5. Wash with Aloe Rid

After half an hour it’s time to wash this off. Use the Aloe Rid detox shampoo as the main shampoo and do it like it’s your normal showering time with a small difference that you’ll try a little harder to make the shampoo get inside your skin.

This is important because, as we already said, the doctors will inspect the follicles closest to the shaft and if you don’t get the shampoo in there you won’t clean every single piece of hair. Learn more about it on phenomenica.com.

6. Rinse once more with Tide

Yes, Tide is a laundry detergent. However, it works great in this situation. After you washed your head with the detox shampoo, you want to finalize with just a few drops of Tide. Don’t put too much because there’s no need for it. Wash it thoroughly and voila – you’re good to go.

If your hair seems damaged, that’s great. That’s exactly how it supposed to be. The more damaged it is, the bigger your chances are. It will recover after some time, but it’s important to be clean and for you not to look suspicious.