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Things Parents Should Do To Encourage Mental Wellness To Teens

Encourage Mental Wellness To Teens

Being a teenager, it’s not easy growing up, and managing daily activities from homework to extracurricular activities to maintaining friendship and dating. It can be overwhelming. An increasing number of teens are falling into depression and other mental health issues; therefore, it is important to make them aware of mental wellness. And to do this, parents can play a big role by providing the teens with guidance and support. The parents can introduce the importance of mental wellness and help the teens make mental health a priority. Let’s look at some of the tips parents can follow to help teens make mental health a priority:

Educate Them On Mental Wellness: Educating the teen about mental wellness and the importance of taking care of mental health can go a long way. Helping the teen understand that mental health challenges are a normal part of life can help them open up to you and seek help when needed. The goal here is to remove the stigma surrounding mental illness by making it a safe topic for them to talk about. The parents can also share their mental health struggles, and focusing on creating a safe space for the teens will prove beneficial.

Help Them Learn Coping Skills: Whether you teach the teens the coping skills or have an expert help them out, learning these skills will help them manage negative emotions. And these skills will not only be useful during their teen years, but they can benefit from them throughout their life. Teens tend to get overwhelmed with all the negative emotions that they feel, and teaching them coping skills can help them reevaluate the negative situations and seek constructive solutions. The coping strategies will vary depending on the personality and their needs. But generally, coping skills will help them navigate stress, anxiety, and depression through physical activity, meditation or breathing exercise, creative outlet, and more.

Encourage Mental And Physical Wellness: Having a healthy lifestyle will not necessarily prevent mental health illness, but it can go a long way in helping maintain a healthy mental state. Our physical health can have a big impact on our emotional and mental health, so encourage having a healthy lifestyle. Yes, it can be difficult to get teens to do something that is good for them. But you can encourage body and mental wellness by modeling the behavior that you want to see in your teen. It should include eating a well-balanced healthy diet, exercising, and engaging in different activities.

Create A Safe Space For The Teen To Talk: Most teens are reluctant to talk with elders and parents about what they are going through because of fear of being judged and misunderstood. Even if the parents force their teens to talk, they may still be reluctant. The best thing that a parent can do here is to create a safe space for the teen to talk about what they are going through and express their feelings. Make an effort to check into how they are doing and let them know that you will be there for them regularly. And when they come to you with problems, avoid judging them, arguing over their decision, or giving advice. It is best to try and understand what they are going through.

The teens may need love and support more often than learning coping skills, having a well-balanced life, a healthy diet, or exercise. So, make sure that you are there for your teen to provide them with the love and support they need. Helping your teen understand that mental health is something that they should not be ashamed of will go a long way. There are many Teen Mental Health Resources out there, so seeking help will also be beneficial while you put in your effort.