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How Can Keeping Your Teeth Healthy Help With Weight Loss

Teeth Healthy Help With Weight Loss

It’s no secret that your oral health has an impact on your overall health. Diseases of the mouth can make you more susceptible to infections and conditions, while causing pain in the process. Did you know that the health of your teeth and the steps you take to maintain your dental health can also have an impact on your waistline, though?

Reducing Gum Inflammation May Make Weight Loss Easier

Researchers have discovered a link between gum disease and obesity. While the science behind this link is not completely certain, it is known that inflammation responses can have an effect on metabolism. Inflammation in the body can alter the way that the cells use insulin and break down glucose, so the glucose may end up being stored as fat.

To keep the gums from becoming inflamed, it is important to floss everyday and to see a dentist regularly. Your dentist in Orlando can perform regular cleanings to prevent inflammation or perform deeper cleanings to get rid of inflammation if it’s already present.

Brushing after Meals Can Discourage Between Meal Snacking

Brushing after meals may be part of a plan to lose weight. Make sure that your meals are healthy and filling so that you will not actually need to snack in between meals to be satisfied. Begin making it a habit to brush faithfully after every meal and you may feel deterred from snacking, as it is natural to feel discouraged from eating for a while after you brush your teeth.

Healthy Teeth Can Eat Healthier Foods

The mouth is the pathway by which you receive nutrition.

If your teeth are painful or broken, it can be difficult to eat healthy foods like raw vegetables and nuts. When the gums and teeth are sensitive, you may be tempted to eat softer foods like mashed potatoes, bread, and pasta. These types of foods can wreak havoc on your waistline if that’s all you’re eating.

By keeping the teeth strong and the gums healthy, you make it easier on yourself to make the right choices when meal times roll around. You can also enjoy your food more and try a larger variety of tasty and healthy selections, which may help you to stick to a diet plan. In some cases, this may mean having tooth implants installed or having teeth restored.

If you are trying to lose weight and feel like your teeth may be holding you back, contact your local dentist today to find out how they may be able to help.