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Chicken Chaap – The Rich Nawabi Cuisine


Chaap is called vegetarian’s chicken. Chaap is a roll made with soya and covered with gravy. There are a number of varieties available in the market. Now, when we are talking about chaap, how can we forget Delhi, the city which is well known for its street food like momos and chaps? Some very delicious types of chaap are:

  • Kadhai Chaap: the dish which has a rich tomato based gravy with fried onions and capsicums. It is a great dish for spicy food lovers as the dish includes a perfect balance of flavours with buttery gravy. This is accompanied by green chutney or sauce.
  • Malai Chaap: in this dish, the big chunks of soya pieces are completely dipped in a gravy of super creamy malai. Again, the species are added and it is generally made sour in taste. The dish looks so good as well as mouthwatering.
  • Veg Mutton Chaap: I know, you are surprised that how the mutton can be a veg dish, but it is. You can get the recipe of this dish online. It just looks like chicken but it is 100% veg.
  • Gym Chaap: as you can see from the name, it is perfect for a person who is health conscious. Actually, it is so because this low-fat type of chaap is made with least spice and oil required. The sprinkling of black pepper, garam masala and a tip of salt makes it great. For adding flavour, lime can be squeezed onto.
  • Chicken Chaap: this is Mughalai dish which is serving Indian’s kitchen from a long time. The combination of this curry with India’s very popular rumaali roti makes an amazing combo. This looks same as chicken wings of KFC and tastes too.

These were the most favorite dishes in India. You must try each and every type but if you are a non-veg lover, you should definitely go for Chicken chaap. You can easily find the Chicken chaap recipe in Hindi by searching online. The dish is so popular from the time of Nawabs. Biryani and chicken chaap were the permanent component of their lunch or dinner.

It is made with a decent amount of chili but requires lots of ingredients to cook. Need a sufficient amount of time and can be a little bit tough to cook but still, it can be made in local kitchens. The popularity of this dish was shadowed by chicken biryani but now again, the dish is gaining popularity. It’s a Bengali dish which is very famous in the east.

The dish is basically made with breast pieces or leg pieces of chicken. If you are about to cook this dish, focus on that you get the portion right. The quantity of all the ingredients matters a lot. Don’t worry it’s not that hard. You can get step by step recipe, you just need to search how to make Shahi Chicken Chaap. That’s all.

Make your lunch or dinner special by adding this to your menu. Serve chicken chaap with hot roti or with favourite staple food biryani