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How To Get Rid Of Sweaty Palms

Rid Of Sweaty Palms

Sweating or perspiration is a body’s natural way of excreting excess water and salts. But for some people, sweaty palms and feet are embarrassing. It impacts their daily life, denying them chances of striving in sports, shaking other people’s hands, or even having fun with friends out there. Fortunately, this article has the best ways to stop sweating. Let us get started.

  1. Use Antiperspirants

Using an antiperspirant lotion is the first-hand solution to curb sweaty hands. The lotion works by temporarily blocking sweat from sweat glands from reaching the surface. This keeps your palms dry and boosts your self-esteem when shaking hands or doing anything.

To use the antiperspirant, apply a pea-sized drop of the lotion, then rub it on your palms. Be sure to cover all areas on your hand. This life-changing product lasts for over eight hours, and for best results, regularly apply, taking advantage of the night. However, after using an antiperspirant, avoid washing your hands; this will wash away the lotion preventing sweat from reaching the surface.

  1. Drinks Lots of Water

This is another efficient and natural way of regulating sweating that is neither expensive nor difficult. Drinking water saturates your body with this life-supporting liquid at the same time cooling it. Drinking more often can also help calm down your nerves, thus inducing a relaxing state which prevents sweating.

  1. Check on your Diet

Your diet impacts most of your physiological activities, such as sweating. These types of food are known as sweat-inducing foods. Examples include foods with high sodium content, processed foods, beers, caffeinated drinks, onion and garlic, and spiced dishes. By avoiding these foods in breakfast menus, you will reduce sweating.

  1. Bring Out Body Powders

Other than antiperspirant sprays and lotions we know of today, a body powder can reduce palm sweating. It works by clogging sweat ducts from releasing sweat, and it absorbs moisture on the skin surface.

  1. Bring Out Alcohol on Hot Day

When sweating is killing your social lifestyle, you can rely on the properties of alcohol to fight it. Rubbing alcohol on your skin evaporates very fast, and it goes away with latent heat. This rapidly cools your skin, preventing sweating. Alcohol rubbing also tightens the skin pores, further preventing sweating.

  1. Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a common kitchen ingredient used in baking, whitening teeth, and preventing sweating. I know the latter might sound strange to you, but it actually works. Soda has alkaline properties that reduce sweating by making it evaporate fast. Just mix a few spoonfuls of soda with water to form a paste. Rub the paste on your skin and leave it for five to ten minutes before washing away.

Bottom Line

Sweaty palm is an embarrassing experience, but you can always fight through the situation using the above-named methods. Use simple baking soda, alcohol and eat healthily. They are effective in combating palm sweating, and most of them are inexpensive, natural, and easy to use.