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How To Prevent Spider Veins As You Age

How To Prevent Spider Veins As You Age

Spider Veins are not unsafe. However, they do not look good, same like varicose veins as they look red or blue in color. These red color blood vessels seem close to your skin and many times they form a kind of pattern and offer an appearance of branching or web-like pattern. Generally, one can observe them on legs or face; however, they can form in any part of the body.

There are various reasons that give rise to spider veins like when there is some hormonal change in the body, obesity and sun exposure. The spider veins can not be put off, so, there are a few things that you can take care of and certain tips that would help you in lessening the possibilities of growth of spider veins.

Use Sunscreen

It helps to save you from skin cancer but keeps you away from ageing because it helps in avoiding wrinkles, dark spots, alongside support in stopping spider veins specifically on face.

Do Not Cross Your Legs

When you sit crossing your legs, it causes slow blood circulation in the legs so it may result in vessel damage. Many times, it leads to the flagging of veins valves and results in vein valves, lastly, gives rise to spider veins.

Keep Moving

In case you wish to stand for a while then move your weight between every leg after a small period of time. Once you do so, the blood flow keeps its flow maintained. Always try to avoid sitting in the same position over thirty minutes, take a walk after a few minutes. It would help in decreasing the changes in spider veins.

Elevate Your Legs

Whenever you are on rest, try to place your legs off from and feet away so that blood could be flown to heart. It will reduce the force on veins and would help in reducing the weakening of the skin.

Wear Good Footwear

Do not wear high heels regularly and used it for special moments and wear low heeled sandals to achieve good bloodstream in your veins. Stay away from your tight dresses as it could give rise to constriction of your waist or legs and it can stop proper blood flow. If the blood does not reach to heart then it gives rise to enlargement of veins.

Try to consult with a doctor, take proper treatment and you can opt for laser process called sclerotherapy. Spider veins on legs cost you and fee can be asked by a doctor and take proper treatment and consultation from a doctor. Keep yourself in a healthy condition and your veins too.