Home Health & Fitness Pearls Are Marine Treasures – Beautifies Inner Well-being and Accentuates Appearance

Pearls Are Marine Treasures – Beautifies Inner Well-being and Accentuates Appearance

Pearls Are Marine Treasures - Beautifies Inner Well-being and Accentuates Appearance

Shiny and lustrous pearl jewelry is adored for centuries. This same shine and luster get emulated on your hair and skin, when you consume pearls in powder form. Crushed pearls are regarded as purest and accessible calcium source. Pearl powder is not just beneficial in skin care but even for specific healthcare purposes. 

A pearl necklace beautifies your appearance but crushed pearls offer inner well-being.

How pearl powder helps in skin care?

Conchiolin found in pearl is a protein that increases the production of healthy collagen responsible to give skin the glowing appearance. It is similar to keratin [protein] present in human hair and skin. Keratin is responsible for enhancing blood circulation, cell metabolism and damaged cell repairs. 

Pearl powder is also a source of potent antioxidant. It improves the function of SOD or superoxide dismutase, which is a potent antioxidant enzyme. It helps to dampen per oxidation process or the destructive ageing process.

Health benefits of pearl powder

It is great for all types of skin because it is a good source of vitamins, amino acids, and proteins. It promotes healing and resolves skin inflammation.

It improves new skin cells regeneration and collagen levels that strengthens and smoothens skin. You enjoy an enhanced radiance and elasticity. 

Melanin is responsible for the dark patches and freckles, which gets slowed down with pearl powder. Thus, it avoids hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, dullness and sagging of skin.

It even helps in filtering UV rays, reducing skin damage. Skin impurities and excess oil gets absorbed due to its antimicrobial properties. Thus, it is useful in removing acne, blotches, dry patches, acne scarring and rosacea.

People suffering from gastritis, bleeding disorders or diarrhea with bleeding gain relief.

It lowers the blood pressure and is a great cardiac tonic. 

Along with iron, calcium, silica, magnesium, selenium, and copper there are other 30 mineral traces found in pearl powder, which are crucial for strengthening the immune system and produce healthy hormones.

Essential amino acids are not made in the body but are necessary for optimal health. It is a great source of amino acids. 

Who cannot use pearl powder?

People suffering from hypercalcaemic condition, having kidney stone, allergies, hyperthyroidism, and menstruating women must stay away from pearl powder.