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When to Look for When Visiting a Care Home

Visiting a Care Home

Whether you are looking for a facility for long-term stay or a short-term, the place you choose is important. Leaving a family member or loved one into a care home can be challenging, you are often mixed up about whether you are making the right decision. If your loved one needs attention 24/7 and you can’t provide it, placing them in a nursing home is the best solution. If you are searching for a facility which specialises in end of life care in Bristol, it is important to find a place that meets everyone’s needs.

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Gut Instinct

When visiting a nursing home, you should always listen to your gut feeling, most of the time it isn’t far off. The minute you walk through the door, your instincts will take over and you’ll make an unconscious decision based on the information around you. The lobby should be a warm, , welcoming place, and you should feel that the moment you enter.

While you walk around the facility, take some time to talk to residents and ask them questions.

  • How long have they been in the home?
  • Do they feel comfortable here?
  • What is their impression of the staff?
  • What do they like or dislike about it?

Taking the Tour

While on the tour, discuss your needs with the nursing home representative. Make sure you take some time to assess the facilities, from the dining area to the therapy room and more. Look at the resident’s rooms, check outdoors, ask about activities, entertainment and meals.