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Personalised Skin Care In A Few Simple Steps


With people becoming increasingly cautious about their skin and its problems, there are a number of products being launched in the market. Ayurvedic skin care products have found a strong base in today’s cosmetic market and more and more people are getting hooked on to them. There are many good reasons to witness this major surge in ayurvedic skin care products.

How can you work out a simple skin care routine?

To understand more about this, you can consult a skin specialist who can quickly assess your skin and provide you with a rundown of your skin soft and major concerns—the signs of skin ageing, acne, uninteresting skin tone, and so on.

  • Know your skin type: To chart out a skin care routine for yourself, it is important to understand and discover the type of skin you have. Once you know your skin type–oily, dry, etc., you can start using the chemical-free ayurvedic skin care products suitable for your skin type. People with great-looking skin use merchandise specifically developed for his or her skin sort and considerations.
  • Cleanser: Use a cleanser as it cleanses the skin and eradicates the deeply rooted dust particles. There are foam-based cleansers, and cleansers with medicinal herbs are also available for the sensitive skin. These cleansers are packed with antioxidants and keep your skin hydrated even while cleaning it.
  • Moisturiser: Next comes the moisturiser which helps maintain the moisture in the skin. There are moisturisers for all types of skin and oily skin needs a moisturiser, too. A good moisturiser will help keep your skin replenished with the right amount of moisture which is very much needed. As is much believed that oily skin can go without a moisturiser, you will be surprised to know that oily skin needs it as much as any other skin type. In fact, moisturisers for oily skin can prevent the skin from producing excessive oil from the glands.
  • A good sunscreen: Last step is to apply a good broad spectrum ayurvedic sunscreen lotion. Sun rays not only tan the skin but eventually lead to ageing which is the last thing you want. Applying a good sunscreen lotion will help protect your skin from pigmentation occurring due to the harmful sun rays. You may have to reapply the sunscreen throughout the day, as prescribed by your dermatologist. You may also be asked to apply it when you are indoors. You can also opt for sunscreens with moisturisers which will protect the skin as well as keep it hydrated.

Ayurvedic skin care products are known to be beneficial and most of them do not have any side effects. So, go for them now and cater to the best skin care products to your skin.