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An Unexpected Way to Stop Morning Sickness


If you are currently pregnant, or have had a baby in the past, you will more than likely have encountered morning sickness. It can be extremely debilitating for many, and expectant mothers often say morning sickness is the worst part of their pregnancy. It is possible for conventional medication to have very little effect on stopping the sickness. Therefore, some people have been forced to look for alternatives, such as medicinal cannabis strains.

Many of you will be familiar with existing treatments such as ondansetron, metoclopramide or promethazine. These drugs will have different effects on each person, so we would recommend giving these existing treatments a try first before moving on to the cannabis option.

Even though bouts of sickness can be reduced with these medicines, they often throw up their own side effects which can be difficult to live with. These include shortness of breath and dizzy spells, as well as lethargy. These side effects don’t tend to be seen when a sufferer uses cannabis, which can make it an attractive option.

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Why Vaping is Better Than Smoking?

It is highly recommended that you vape instead of smoke, as smoking will harm your unborn baby. If vaping or smoking doesn’t sound particularly attractive, it is possible to use edibles. Of course, you may not feel like eating when you feel sick, but give it a try. Edibles do take a lot longer to take hold. But, the effect lasts longer which is useful if you have particularly long bouts of sickness. There is one strain we would recommend, called Chemdawg, so let’s take a look at this strain in a little more detail.

Many people who have used Chemdawg in the past have noticed that the strain can target womb related pain extremely well and is excellent for reducing prolonged feelings of nausea that you may feel during the day.

Beware though, it is important you build up a tolerance to the psychoactive THC before embarking on Chemdawg. It is known to be quite strong, especially to inexperienced users, so make sure you heed this advice. A Chemdawg user will most likely notice an enjoyable and pleasant cerebral high as a result of using Chemdawg for the first time, and you will undoubtably feel more relaxed too.

For more information about other strains for counteracting morning sickness, check out this strains for morning sickness article on Cannabis.net.